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This package is about managing authz files as understood by mod_authz_svn --
authorization module for subversion[1] repositories served via apache.
You can always find the latest version of the package at
Currently the package contains two utilities:
authz-tool -- a tool for extracting and modifying information in a authz
file from command line
authz-admin -- a cgi script to help maintaining authz files. it should be
useful for the situations where you have numerous repositories
served with help of SVNParentPath directive (see mod_dav_svn
module documentation)
So far the package was only tried on a Debian system with python2.4 (no, the
application does not use any 2.4 specific stuff). The installation looks as
simple as that:
python install
You must make sure that you have python2.4-dev package installed beforehand.
After the command finishes, you will find the following files installed:
Its usage is pretty simple:
authz-tool <authzfile> <operation> [<arg>]
Where operation is one of the following:
dumps the content of [groups] section to the standard output
replaces the contents of the [groups] section with what is given on the
standard input. if the input does not have a [groups] section, the
[groups] section in the specified file will be removed
get <repo>
dump all sections that are related to the specified repository
set <repo>
replaces all sections for the specified repository with what is given on
the standard input. the input is going to be checked and only appropriate
sections will be put in the file
del <repo>
removes all sections related to the specified repository
NOTE: for the operations with repositories, you may specify '' (empty
string) as a repository name
authz-admin is a CGI script that allows modification of an authz file
It can be used in two essentially different ways:
-- there are no restrictions accessing the script
-- user must be authenticated to access the script
Installation (Common Part)
copy the script to /usr/lib/cgi-bin
modify three variables at the very beginning of the file:
authz_file -- authz file you'd like to maintain
template_file -- template that is part of this package
script_alias -- relative URL through which the script is accessible
on your web server (if you copy the script to
/usr/lib/cgi-bin, you do not have to change it)
make sure the script is exectuable: chmod +x /usr/lib/cgi-bin/authz-admin
make sure that the authz file is writable for the user under which web
server is running:
in case of Debian:
chown www-data:www-data /path/to/authz/file
chmod u+w /path/to/authz/file
if necessary limit access to the script (instructions will be provided
point your browser to
Restricted Access
When run script checks if the user had to authenticate herself. If yes,
then the script will perform additional checks to see if the user can
perform certain operations. The rights are granted by adding user to the
special groups (these must be defined in [groups] section):
only users from this group can modify [groups] section
users from this group can modify all non qualified paths (sections
that are named like [/path])
users from this group can modify paths for the specific repo
(sections that are named like [repo:/path])
So to restrict certain operations to specific users you'd have to do the
following (for apache):
add to the configuration file a section like
<Location /cgi-bin/authz-admin>
AuthType Basic
AuthName "Editing Authz File"
AuthFileName /path/to/htpasswd/file
Require valid-user
add to [groups] section of your authz file at least the following line
authz-admin-<super> = yourusername
restart apache and here you are
Mikhail Sobolev, <>
Copyright (c) 2005, Mikhail Sobolev
You may use, modify and redistribute this program according to the terms and
conditions of GPL v2 (see the file COPYING)
Thanks darix[2] at #svn[3] for the idea:
<darix> start coding
3. irc://
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