A live compiler diagnostics extension for Atmel Studio
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Naggy is an Atmel Studio extension that uses the Clang frontend from the LLVM project to show errors/warnings on the fly, and to lowlight code excluded by preprocessor directives.


  • Upgrade to Oct version of LLVM/Clang, and use avr-llvm project instead of custom patch.
  • Upgrade project to VS 2015, and build for Atmel Studio 7.0
  • Make Naggy aware of the new pack based device support mechanism used by Atmel Studio 7.0
  • Define NAGGY as a preprocessor symbol to let code know it's being processed by Naggy.
  • Fix broken preprocessor include directories processing - make Clang look at user specified directories first, and implicit compiler directories next.
  • Misc bug fixes.


  • Fix broken mode attribute interpretation in AVR projects, which was causing spurious warnings for types in stdint.h (like uint32_t).


  • Make Naggy know about AVR and its type sizes.
  • Make Naggy aware of toolchain type (ARM or AVR) and use the correct target triple.
  • Prefix Naggy's diagnostics with a [N] to make it distinct from build errors.


  • Fix wrong diagnostic for C++ destructors defined outside the class
  • Fix broken C++ 11 support
  • Don't explicitly show the Error window from Naggy.


  • Add C++ and C++11 diagnostics support for C++ projects in Atmel Studio.
  • Fix broken support for ARM projects (include path resolution and symbol definition).


  • Diagnostics parsing is disabled for header files.
  • A new menu option (Tools -> Disable Naggy) can be used to turn Naggy on/off with immediate effect.
  • Upgraded LLVM/Clang version used to 3.3


  • C99 features now don't result in diagnostics, if the Atmel Studio project's command line specifies that the language standard is C99 (std=c99 or std=gnu99)
  • Opening toolchain header files in the editor now works without spewing a bunch of diagnostics about missing includes.


  • Diagnostics now show up in the ErrorList as well, in addition to editor squiggles.
  • Diagnostics can now be blacklisted, and blacklisted diagnostics are not reported. Naggy ships with a few common false diags disabled, but the list is user configurable (see https://github.com/saaadhu/naggy/wiki/FAQ).
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes


  • Upgraded clang/llvm to the latest SVN trunk (3.2+)
  • Added Atmel Studio 6.1 to the list of supported products
  • Added support for newly added devices