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The Singly Linked List is a well established Data Structure in Computing.
It's not very efficient, but it's not contiguous in memory unlike arrays;
which means that the efficientcy hit that arrays takewhen new memory needs
to be allocated can be avoided. Adding an item to the front of the List
is an O(1) operation. Appending an item is O(n).
class LinkedList:
'''Linked List'''
class __Node:
'''private node object. Node's consist of an element and a pointer to the next Node'''
def __init__(self, element=None):
self.element = element = None
def __str__(self):
'''string representation of Node'''
return str(self.element)
def hasNext(self):
'''returns true if the Node points to another Node'''
return != None
def getNext(self):
'''get next Node'''
def getElement(self):
'''get the element of the currentNode'''
return self.element
def setNext(self,nextItem):
'''set the next Node of the currentNode''' = nextItem
def setElement(self, element):
'''set the element of the current Node'''
self.element = element
def __init__(self):
'''Creates the LinkedList'''
self.first = LinkedList.__Node()
self.length = 0
def __len__(self):
'''returns the length of the list O(1)'''
return self.length
def isEmpty(self):
'''returns true if the list is empty'''
return self.length == 0
def append(self, element):
'''Add element to last position of the list'''
currentNode = self.first
while currentNode.hasNext():
currentNode = currentNode.getNext()
def popFront(self):
'''Optimized method to add pop front element from list O(1)'''
if self.length > 0:
val = self.first.getNext().getElement()
self.length -= 1
return val
raise IndexError("pop from an empty List")
def addToFront(self,element):
'''Optimized method to add an element to the front of the list O(1)'''
toAdd = LinkedList.__Node(element)
self.length += 1
def __getitem__(self, index):
'''Allows for indexing, index must be an integer'''
#accounts for slicing
if type(index) == slice:
return self.__sliceList(index)
return self.__getNodeAtPosition(self.__checkIndex(index)).getElement()
def __add__(self, other):
retList = LinkedList()
for item in self:
for item in other:
return retList
def pop(self, index =None):
'''Removes and returns an element in the list. last element by default.'''
if self.length == 0:
raise IndexError("pop from empty list")
#utilize default parameter
if index ==None:
index = self.length-1
previous = self.__getNodeAtPosition(self.__checkIndex(index)-1)
toRemove = previous.getNext()
afterNext = None
if toRemove.hasNext():
afterNext = toRemove.getNext()
return toRemove.getElement()
def __setitem__(self, index, element):
'''Sets the item at a given index to a new element.'''
def __str__(self):
'''returns a string representation of the list'''
if self.length == 0:
return '[]'
retString = "["
currentElement = self.first.getNext()
for i in range(self.length):
retString += str(currentElement) +", "
currentElement = currentElement.getNext()
return retString[:-2] + ']'
def insert(self, element, index):
'''inserts an element to the given index'''
previous = self.__getNodeAtPosition(self.__checkIndex(index)-1)
toMove = previous.getNext()
#Private functions
def __sliceList(self,theSlice):
'''(Private) function to handle slicing. Returns a Linked List'''
retList = LinkedList()
#Following conditions handles the x[start:stop:step] notation
step = self.__determineStartStopStep(theSlice.step,1,1,1)
start = self.__determineStartStopStep(theSlice.start,step,0,self.length-1)
stop = self.__determineStartStopStep(theSlice.stop,step,self.length,-1)
for eachItem in range(start,stop,step):
return retList
def __determineStartStopStep(self, valToCheck, step,
positiveStep, negativeStep):
'''private function to reduce repeated code in determining slicing handling'''
if valToCheck == None:
if step > 0:
return positiveStep
return negativeStep
return valToCheck
def __getNodeAtPosition(self, index):
'''(Private) Gets a Node at a given index'''
currentNode = self.first
for i in range(index+1):#Adds 1 to account for initial Node (sentinel)
currentNode = currentNode.getNext()
return currentNode
def __checkIndex(self, index):
'''(Private) check if the index is an acceptable value. Index only changes if negative'''
if type(index) != int:
raise TypeError("Index must be an integer or a slice not a "+str(type(index)).split("'")[1])
#handles negative indices.
if index < 0:
index += self.length
#If the index is out of bounds
if index >= self.length or index < 0:
raise IndexError("Index out of bounds")
return index