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GitHub Actions Version Updater

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GitHub Actions Version Updater is GitHub Action that is used to update other GitHub Actions in a Repository and create a pull request with the updates. It is an automated dependency updater similar to GitHub's Dependabot, but for GitHub Actions.

How Does It Work:

  • GitHub Actions Version Updater first goes through all the workflows in a repository and checks for updates for each of the action used in those workflows.

  • If an update is found and if that action is not ignored then the workflows are updated with the latest release of the action being used.

  • If at least one workflow file is updated then a new branch is created with the changes and pushed to GitHub.

  • Finally, a pull request is created with the newly created branch.


We recommend running this action on a schedule event or a workflow_dispatch event.

To integrate GitHub Actions Version Updater on your repository, create a YAML file inside .github/workflows/ directory (.github/workflows/updater.yaml) add the following into the file:

name: GitHub Actions Version Updater

# Controls when the action will run. 
  # can be used to run workflow manually
    # Automatically run on every Sunday
    - cron:  '0 0 * * 0'

    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
      - uses: actions/checkout@v2
          # Access token with `workflow` scope is required
          token: ${{ secrets.WORKFLOW_SECRET }}

      - name: Run GitHub Actions Version Updater
        uses: saadmk11/github-actions-version-updater@v0.5.6
          # Optional, This will be used to configure git
          # defaults to `github-actions[bot]` if not provided
          committer_username: 'test'
          committer_email: ''
          # Access token with `workflow` scope is required
          token: ${{ secrets.WORKFLOW_SECRET }}
          # Do not update these actions (Optional)
          # You need to add JSON array inside a string
          # because GitHub Actions does not yet allow `Lists` as input
          ignore: '["actions/checkout@v2", "actions/cache@v2"]'

Important Note:

GitHub does not allow updating workflow files inside a workflow run. The token generated by GitHub in every workflow (${{secrets.GITHUB_TOKEN}}) does not have permission to update a workflow. That's why you need to create a Personal Access Token with repo and workflow scope and pass it to the action.

To know more about how to pass a secret to GitHub actions you can Read GitHub Docs

GitHub Actions Version Updater in Action:

GitHub Actions Version Updater Demo


The code in this project is released under the MIT License.