A c++ implementation of the Two-Pass Pairing Heaps data structure.
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A c++ implementation of the Two-Pass Pairing Heap data structure. This is a basic implementation of a min-heap of integers but it can be easily modified to support other types of keys or to make it a max-heap instead. A template-based implementation would be nice to have.


  • PairingHeap heap; // Create new empty min-heap
  • heap.Empty(); // True if heap is empty
  • heap.Top(); // Return element with minimum key
  • heap.Push(int); // Insert new element
  • heap.Pop(); // Remove element with minimum key
  • heap.Join(); // Merge two heaps together

Time Complexity

  • Empty, Top, Push, and Join take O(1) time in the worst case.
  • Pop takes O(lg N) time amortized over a sequence of operations.