Introductory Python notes from the Chemical Engineering Department at the University of Utah
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This repository contains Python notebooks from the Chemical Engineering Department at the University of Utah. The purpose of these notebooks is to:

  1. aid in the transition of our department to using Python
  2. teach students the principles of programming using Python
  3. educate students in the art of computing and data analysis using Python

There are currently two notebooks in this repository:


Contains an easy introduction to python (click to access slideshow).


Contains a collection of problems solved numerically with Python (click to access slideshow).

These notebooks are alive - they are constantly being updated and improved. So please keep coming back for updates or simply clone the repository and keep it up to date.

If you have suggestions, comments, or requests please use the Issues tab.

This material is released under the MIT license.

Viewing the Notebooks in This Repository:

You can vew all my repositories here: Find your way around and click on any notebook to view it.

I hope you find these notebooks helpful. Cheers!

Tony Saad
Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering
University of Utah