Extension to notify grove.io irc channels of Bugzilla bug updates
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##Intro This is a Bugzilla extension that is used to post bug notifications to grove.io IRC channels, using their RESTful service integration. The notifications currently produce IRC messages on newly created bugs and updates to existing bugs.


The extension requires the REST::Client module. You can usually install that through Bugzilla's install-module.pl script (shown below).

Find the Bugzilla directory of your distribution:

  • cd bugzilla
  • git clone git://github.com/saadware/BugzillaNotifyGrove.git extensions/NotifyGrove
  • ./install-module.pl REST::Client
  • Open a web browser and go the Bugzilla Parameter Administration page.
  • Click the new panel on the left side named Notify Grove Extension.
  • At the very minimum, fill in the grove_url parameter to be the channel specific url provided by grove.io. It resembles something like: https://grove.io/api/notice/somereallylongstringgoeshere/
  • Optionally you can fill out the rest of the parameters.