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break Build Status

break is a lightweight, native app for accessing School Loop. It aims to provide an easier to use, more feature rich alternative to the official School Loop iOS and Android apps.


  • Native: Written from the ground up to support the target platform
  • Login persistence: Stay logged in until you log out
  • Locker support: Access your locker on all of your devices
  • Notifications: Be notified when your grade changes or you receive mail
  • watchOS extension: Check your grades on the go
  • Password protection: Prevent others from viewing sensitive data
  • Security: Passwords are encrypted with AES to prevent malicious access
  • Grade calculation: Make changes to your assignments and see how they affect your grade

Planned features

  • One-time login (Guest mode)
  • Grade calculation
  • Parent/Teacher support
  • UI improvements
  • Android app



  • TestFlight: OPEN! Sign up here.
  • Manual installation: Sign the app with your developer license, then build and deploy iOS using Xcode. See the iOS README for more details.

"School Loop" is a registered trademark of School Loop, Inc., which is not affiliated with or endorse this app. All other trademarks belong to their respective owners.