Easily create a Saagie Python job from a local Jupyter notebook
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Jupyter Saagie plugin

This plugin allows you to easily create a Saagie Python job from a local Jupyter notebook.


In your Jupyter Python environment, run: pip install jupyter-saagie-plugin


Simply run jupyter notebook as always, you will see a new button in the toolbar. Use it to log in to your account and deploy a job using the code in your notebook. You can update an existing job as well.

For deploying to a Python job, Python 3.5 & 2.7 are supported.

If you want to pre-fill your Saagie root URL (used in the plugin's login form), you can setup a SAAGIE_ROOT_URL environment variable before you run the notebook.


pip uninstall jupyter-saagie-plugin
jupyter nbextension uninstall saagie --user

Modifying this extension

In dev mode, you can use a Docker of Jupyter notebook and install this extension in it. First, run a Jupyter Docker in bash mode:

docker run -it --rm -p 8888:8888 --user root -e GRANT_SUDO=yes -v [your_project_path]/jupyter-saagie-plugin/:/jupyter-saagie-plugin/ [--env SAAGIE_ROOT_URL="https://xxx-manager.prod.saagie.io/"] saagie/jupyter-python-nbk:latest /bin/bash

(Seting up the SAAGIE_ROOT_URL environment variable is optional)

Then install the Jupyter extension in your Docker container:

cd /jupyter-saagie-plugin/
python3 setup.py install
cd /notebooks-dir
/usr/local/bin/start-notebook.sh --NotebookApp.token='' --NotebookApp.password=''

Build and share

In order to build this plugin, run the following command:

python setup.py sdist

This will generate a tar.gz archive in the dist directory.

If you want to share it on Pypi, just install twine (with pip install twine) and run:

twine upload dist/jupyter-saagie-plugin-x.x.x.tar.gz

But first, You can test your Pypi deployment on TestPypi test environment. If so, just run:

twine upload --repository-url https://test.pypi.org/legacy/ dist/jupyter-saagie-plugin-x.x.x.tar.gz