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# Movable Type (r) Open Source (C) 2001-2011 Six Apart, Ltd.
# This program is distributed under the terms of the
# GNU General Public License, version 2.
# $Id$
use strict;
use warnings;
use FindBin qw( $Bin );
use lib "$Bin/../../cpan-lib";
use Pod::Usage;
use Template;
use YAML;
use File::Spec::Functions qw/catfile file_name_is_absolute abs2rel splitdir/;
use File::Basename;
use Getopt::Long;
use Data::Dumper;
use File::Find;
use Template::Constants ':chomp';
my ($version, $help, $man, $VERBOSE, $app);
GetOptions (
'h|help' => \$help,
'm|man' => \$man,
'v|verbose' => \$VERBOSE,
'app=s' => \$app,
$man and pod2usage(-verbose => 2);
$help and pod2usage;
$app ||= 'archetype';
my $themedir = "$Bin/../mt-static/themes";
my $templatedir = "$Bin/theme_templates/auto";
my $modulesdir = "$Bin/theme_templates/modules";
foreach ($themedir, $templatedir) {
## Set up a global TT object. (Global so that it maintains a cache.)
our $Template = Template->new({
INCLUDE_PATH => $modulesdir,
TRIM => 1,
# find all the templates we're going to work from
my @templates = &find_templates;
# set up all the themes we need to put out
my @themes_todo = @ARGV;
if (! @themes_todo) {
my $max_tmpl_module_age = &find_max_tmpl_module_age;
@themes_todo = &find_themes_needing_regeneration($max_tmpl_module_age, @templates);
@themes_todo = &names2paths(@themes_todo);
# do the work
foreach my $theme (@themes_todo) {
sub regenerate {
my $theme = shift;
logg("regenerating ".abs2rel($theme));
my $yaml = load_yamls($theme);
foreach my $tt (@templates) {
debug("making ".abs2rel($tt));
my ($name,$path) = fileparse($theme);
my $outfile = catfile($path, basename($tt));
$outfile =~ s/\.tt$//;
debug("writing to ".abs2rel($outfile));
# if (-e $outfile && ! $nobackup) {
# my ($sec,$min,$hour,$mday,$mon,$year,$wday,$yday,$isdst) =
# localtime(time);
# my $today = sprintf("%4.4d%2.2d%2.2d-%2.2d%2.2d%2.2d", $year+1900, $mon+1, $mday, $hour, $min, $sec);
# debug ("saving $outfile as $outfile.$today.bak");
# rename $outfile, "$outfile.$today.bak";
# }
my $files_present = find_files_present(dirname($theme));
$yaml->{find_file} = sub { return $files_present->{$_[0]}};
$Template->process($tt, {theme => $yaml}, $outfile) || die $Template->error;
sub find_files_present {
my ($basedir, $yaml) = @_;
my $files_present = {};
opendir (DIR, $basedir) || die "can't opendir $basedir $!";
while (my $file = readdir(DIR)) {
next unless -f "$basedir/$file";
next if $file =~ /\.bak$/;
$files_present->{$file} = $file;
my ($shortname, $path, $suffix) = fileparse($file, qw/.gif .png .jpg/);
#both bg-header.gif and bg-header.jpg exist, save the first one alphabetically
if ($files_present->{$shortname}) {
if ($file lt $files_present->{$shortname}) {
$files_present->{$shortname} = $file;
$files_present->{$shortname} = $file;
closedir DIR;
return $files_present;
sub load_yamls {
my $theme_yaml = shift;
$theme_yaml = YAML::LoadFile($theme_yaml);
return $theme_yaml;
sub logg {
my $msg = shift;
print "$msg\n";
sub debug {
my $msg = shift;
print "$msg\n" if $VERBOSE;
sub find_templates {
my @templates;
opendir (DIR, $templatedir) || die "can't opendir $templatedir $!";
while (my $file = readdir(DIR)) {
next if -d $file;
next if $file =~ /^\./;
next unless $file =~ /\.tt$/;
push @templates, catfile($templatedir, $file);
closedir DIR;
return @templates;
sub find_themes_needing_regeneration {
my ($max_tmpl_module_age, @templates) = @_;
# first look at the data files
my (@yamls, %yamlage, %themes_todo, @themes_todo);
opendir(DIR, "$themedir") || die "can't open $themedir $!";
while (my $theme = readdir(DIR)) {
next unless -d catfile($themedir, $theme);
next if $theme =~ /^\./;
next unless -f catfile($themedir, $theme, 'theme.yaml');
push @yamls, $theme;
$yamlage{$theme} = (stat(catfile($themedir, $theme, 'theme.yaml')))[9];
debug("theme.yaml found for $theme, will check age");
closedir DIR;
# now look each of the templates
foreach my $templatefile (@templates) {
(my $css_file = basename($templatefile)) =~ s/\.tt$//;
my $templateage = (stat($templatefile))[9];
# the templates lead back to an output file for each
# data file that we loaded
foreach my $theme (@yamls) {
# if either the template or the data is newer than
# the output, then regenerate the output
my $css_age = (stat(catfile($themedir, $theme, $css_file)))[9] || 0;
if ( $templateage > $css_age #template has changed
|| $yamlage{$theme} > $css_age #data has changed
|| $max_tmpl_module_age > $css_age #a .tt module has changed
) {
$themes_todo{$theme} = 1;
debug("$theme needs to be regenerated");
@themes_todo = map{$_} sort keys %themes_todo;
return @themes_todo;
# heavily DWIM
sub names2paths {
my @themes_todo = @_;
foreach (@themes_todo) {
# they gave us the full path, so just run with it
if (/\theme.yaml$/) {
next if -e;
# they gave us the path to the directory, but not 'theme.yaml'
# at the end, fix it up
}elsif (-d){
$_ = catfile($_, 'theme.yaml');
next if -e;
# they just gave us the theme name
}elsif (-e catfile($themedir, $_, 'theme.yaml')){
$_ = catfile($themedir, $_, 'theme.yaml');
next if -e;
# whatever we tried to figure out isn't there
die "I can't find $_, sorry\n";
return @themes_todo;
sub find_max_tmpl_module_age {
$BT::max_age = 0;
find( sub {
my $mtime;
/\.tt$/ &&
(($mtime) = (lstat($_))[9]) &&
$mtime > $BT::max_age &&
($BT::max_age = $mtime)
"$templatedir/.." #back up one .. to get out of auto/
return $BT::max_age;
==head1 NAME - generates themes from a theme.yaml file
=head1 SYNOPSIS [options] [theme1 theme2 ...]
--app <app> specify the application to use ('vox', 'archetype', etc)
-v|--verbose more chatty output
-h|--help brief help message
-m|--man full man page
=over 4
=item build any themes that need to be rebuilt
=item just rebuild a couple specific ones piximix-orange pixipets-cat
=item rebuild one in some funky location /home/kgoess/temp/funkymusic/
or ../experiments/funkymusic/theme.yaml
Builds themes from a theme.yaml file and any .tt template files in
The output files, one for each .tt file, will go into the
same directory as the theme.yaml.
It tries to be pretty generous about allowing you to specify the
theme names in different ways.
=head1 Template Toolkit
The data in the yaml file is available to the templates under C<theme>, e.g.
Existence of a file in the theme directory can be checked via
or without the extension
The latter case also returns the alphabetically first file that matches,
so if bg-header.gif and bg-header.jpg both exist:
what = theme.find_file('bg-header') #what is now bg-header.gif
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