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create table mt_author (
author_id integer primary key not null,
author_name varchar(50) not null,
author_type smallint not null,
author_nickname varchar(50),
author_password varchar(60) not null,
author_email varchar(75) not null,
author_url varchar(255),
author_can_create_blog smallint,
author_can_view_log smallint,
author_hint varchar(75),
author_created_by integer,
author_public_key text,
author_preferred_language varchar(50),
author_remote_auth_username varchar(50),
author_remote_auth_token varchar(50),
unique (author_name, author_type)
create sequence mt_author_id;
create index mt_author_email on mt_author (author_email);
create table mt_blog (
blog_id integer primary key not null,
blog_name varchar(255) not null,
blog_description text,
blog_site_path varchar(255),
blog_site_url varchar(255),
blog_archive_path varchar(255),
blog_archive_url varchar(255),
blog_archive_type varchar(255),
blog_archive_type_preferred varchar(25),
blog_days_on_index integer,
blog_entries_on_index integer,
blog_language varchar(5),
blog_file_extension varchar(10),
blog_email_new_comments smallint,
blog_email_new_pings smallint,
blog_allow_comment_html smallint,
blog_autolink_urls smallint,
blog_sort_order_posts varchar(8),
blog_sort_order_comments varchar(8),
blog_allow_comments_default smallint,
blog_allow_pings_default smallint,
blog_server_offset float,
blog_convert_paras varchar(30),
blog_convert_paras_comments varchar(30),
blog_status_default smallint,
blog_allow_anon_comments smallint,
blog_allow_reg_comments smallint,
blog_allow_unreg_comments smallint,
blog_allow_pings smallint,
blog_moderate_unreg_comments smallint,
blog_require_comment_emails smallint,
blog_manual_approve_commenters smallint,
blog_moderate_pings smallint,
blog_words_in_excerpt smallint,
blog_ping_technorati smallint,
blog_ping_weblogs smallint,
blog_ping_blogs smallint,
blog_ping_others text,
blog_junk_score_threshold float,
blog_junk_folder_expiry integer,
blog_mt_update_key varchar(30),
blog_autodiscover_links smallint,
blog_welcome_msg text,
blog_old_style_archive_links smallint,
blog_archive_tmpl_monthly varchar(255),
blog_archive_tmpl_weekly varchar(255),
blog_archive_tmpl_daily varchar(255),
blog_archive_tmpl_individual varchar(255),
blog_archive_tmpl_category varchar(255),
blog_google_api_key varchar(32),
blog_sanitize_spec varchar(255),
blog_cc_license varchar(255),
blog_is_dynamic smallint,
blog_remote_auth_token varchar(50),
blog_children_modified_on timestamp,
blog_custom_dynamic_templates varchar(25)
create sequence mt_blog_id;
create index mt_blog_name on mt_blog (blog_name);
create table mt_category (
category_id integer primary key not null,
category_blog_id integer not null,
category_allow_pings smallint,
category_label varchar(100) not null,
category_description text,
category_author_id integer,
category_ping_urls text,
category_parent integer,
unique (category_blog_id, category_label)
create sequence mt_category_id;
create table mt_comment (
comment_id integer primary key not null,
comment_blog_id integer not null,
comment_entry_id integer not null,
comment_ip varchar(16),
comment_author varchar(100),
comment_email varchar(75),
comment_url varchar(255),
comment_commenter_id integer,
comment_visible smallint,
comment_text text,
comment_junk_status smallint not null default 0,
comment_junk_log text,
comment_junk_score float,
comment_created_on timestamp not null,
comment_modified_on timestamp not null,
comment_last_moved_on timestamp not null,
comment_created_by integer,
comment_modified_by integer
create sequence mt_comment_id;
create index mt_comment_created_on on mt_comment (comment_created_on);
create index mt_comment_entry_id on mt_comment (comment_entry_id);
create index mt_comment_blog_id on mt_comment (comment_blog_id);
create table mt_entry (
entry_id integer primary key not null,
entry_blog_id integer not null,
entry_status smallint not null,
entry_author_id integer not null,
entry_allow_comments smallint,
entry_allow_pings smallint,
entry_convert_breaks varchar(30),
entry_category_id integer,
entry_title varchar(255),
entry_excerpt text,
entry_text text,
entry_text_more text,
entry_to_ping_urls text,
entry_pinged_urls text,
entry_keywords text,
entry_tangent_cache text,
entry_created_on timestamp not null,
entry_modified_on timestamp not null,
entry_created_by integer,
entry_modified_by integer,
entry_week_number integer,
entry_basename varchar(50) not null
create sequence mt_entry_id;
create index mt_entry_blog_id on mt_entry (entry_blog_id);
create index mt_entry_status on mt_entry (entry_status);
create index mt_entry_author_id on mt_entry (entry_author_id);
create index mt_entry_created_on on mt_entry (entry_created_on);
create index mt_entry_basename on mt_entry (entry_basename);
create table mt_ipbanlist (
ipbanlist_id integer primary key not null,
ipbanlist_blog_id integer not null,
ipbanlist_ip varchar(15) not null,
ipbanlist_created_on timestamp not null,
ipbanlist_modified_on timestamp not null,
ipbanlist_created_by integer,
ipbanlist_modified_by integer
create sequence mt_ipbanlist_id;
create index mt_ipbanlist_blog_id on mt_ipbanlist (ipbanlist_blog_id);
create index mt_ipbanlist_ip on mt_ipbanlist (ipbanlist_ip);
create table mt_log (
log_id integer primary key not null,
log_message varchar(255),
log_ip varchar(16),
log_blog_id integer default 0,
log_created_on timestamp not null,
log_modified_on timestamp not null,
log_created_by integer,
log_modified_by integer
create sequence mt_log_id;
create index mt_log_created_on on mt_log (log_created_on);
create table mt_notification (
notification_id integer primary key not null,
notification_blog_id integer not null,
notification_name varchar(50),
notification_email varchar(75),
notification_url varchar(255),
notification_created_on timestamp not null,
notification_modified_on timestamp not null,
notification_created_by integer,
notification_modified_by integer
create sequence mt_notification_id;
create index mt_notification_blog_id on mt_notification (notification_blog_id);
create table mt_permission (
permission_id integer primary key not null,
permission_author_id integer not null,
permission_blog_id integer not null,
permission_role_mask integer,
permission_entry_prefs varchar(255),
unique (permission_blog_id, permission_author_id)
create sequence mt_permission_id;
create table mt_placement (
placement_id integer primary key not null,
placement_entry_id integer not null,
placement_blog_id integer not null,
placement_category_id integer not null,
placement_is_primary smallint not null
create sequence mt_placement_id;
create index mt_placement_entry_id on mt_placement (placement_entry_id);
create index mt_placement_category_id on mt_placement (placement_category_id);
create index mt_placement_is_primary on mt_placement (placement_is_primary);
create table mt_plugindata (
plugindata_id integer primary key not null,
plugindata_plugin varchar(50) not null,
plugindata_key varchar(255) not null,
plugindata_data bytea
create sequence mt_plugindata_id;
create index mt_plugindata_plugin on mt_plugindata (plugindata_plugin);
create index mt_plugindata_key on mt_plugindata (plugindata_key);
create table mt_template (
template_id integer primary key not null,
template_blog_id integer not null,
template_name varchar(50) not null,
template_type varchar(25) not null,
template_outfile varchar(255),
template_rebuild_me smallint,
template_text text,
template_linked_file varchar(255),
template_linked_file_mtime varchar(10),
template_linked_file_size integer,
template_created_on timestamp not null,
template_modified_on timestamp not null,
template_created_by integer,
template_modified_by integer,
template_build_dynamic smallint,
unique (template_blog_id, template_name)
create sequence mt_template_id;
create index mt_template_type on mt_template (template_type);
create table mt_templatemap (
templatemap_id integer primary key not null,
templatemap_blog_id integer not null,
templatemap_template_id integer not null,
templatemap_archive_type varchar(25) not null,
templatemap_file_template varchar(255),
templatemap_is_preferred smallint not null
create sequence mt_templatemap_id;
create index mt_templatemap_blog_id on mt_templatemap (templatemap_blog_id);
create index mt_templatemap_template_id on mt_templatemap (templatemap_template_id);
create index mt_templatemap_archive_type on mt_templatemap (templatemap_archive_type);
create index mt_templatemap_is_preferred on mt_templatemap (templatemap_is_preferred);
create table mt_trackback (
trackback_id integer primary key not null,
trackback_blog_id integer not null,
trackback_title varchar(255),
trackback_description text,
trackback_rss_file varchar(255),
trackback_url varchar(255),
trackback_entry_id integer not null,
trackback_category_id integer not null,
trackback_passphrase varchar(30),
trackback_is_disabled smallint,
trackback_created_on timestamp not null,
trackback_modified_on timestamp not null,
trackback_created_by integer,
trackback_modified_by integer
create sequence mt_trackback_id;
create index mt_trackback_blog_id on mt_trackback (trackback_blog_id);
create index mt_trackback_entry_id on mt_trackback (trackback_entry_id);
create index mt_trackback_category_id on mt_trackback (trackback_category_id);
create index mt_trackback_created_on on mt_trackback (trackback_created_on);
create table mt_tbping (
tbping_id integer primary key not null,
tbping_blog_id integer not null,
tbping_tb_id integer not null,
tbping_title varchar(255),
tbping_excerpt text,
tbping_source_url varchar(255),
tbping_ip varchar(15) not null,
tbping_blog_name varchar(255),
tbping_visible smallint,
tbping_junk_status smallint not null default 0,
tbping_junk_log text,
tbping_junk_score float,
tbping_created_on timestamp not null,
tbping_modified_on timestamp not null,
tbping_last_moved_on timestamp not null,
tbping_created_by integer,
tbping_modified_by integer
create sequence mt_tbping_id;
create index mt_tbping_blog_id on mt_tbping (tbping_blog_id);
create index mt_tbping_tb_id on mt_tbping (tbping_tb_id);
create index mt_tbping_ip on mt_tbping (tbping_ip);
create index mt_tbping_created_on on mt_tbping (tbping_created_on);
create table mt_session (
session_id varchar(80) primary key not null,
session_data bytea,
session_email varchar(255),
session_name varchar(255),
session_start integer not null,
session_kind varchar(2)
create index mt_session_start on mt_session (session_start);
create table mt_fileinfo (
fileinfo_id integer primary key not null,
fileinfo_blog_id integer not null,
fileinfo_entry_id integer,
fileinfo_url varchar(255),
fileinfo_file_path varchar(255),
fileinfo_template_id integer,
fileinfo_templatemap_id integer,
fileinfo_archive_type varchar(255),
fileinfo_category_id integer,
fileinfo_startdate varchar(80),
fileinfo_virtual smallint
create sequence mt_fileinfo_id;
create index mt_fileinfo_blog_id on mt_fileinfo (fileinfo_blog_id);
create index mt_fileinfo_entry_id on mt_fileinfo (fileinfo_entry_id);
create index mt_fileinfo_url on mt_fileinfo (fileinfo_url);
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