Gulp tasks for writing large API Blueprints efficiently
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API Blueprint Focust Booster

API Blueprint Focus Booster

API Blueprint Focus Booster is a collection of Gulp tasks that help you write large API Blueprints efficiently.

This tool lets you split one huge document into smaller ones so you can easily edit them in your favorite text editor.

When you're done, it will validate your API Blueprints (JSON payloads), concatenate them into one file and publish the resulting API Blueprint into the

So what does it do exactly?

  1. Substitutes commonly used values (templating).
  2. Validates JSON strings inside files (payloads).
  3. Converts hard tabs to spaces.
  4. Concatenates all files into one output file.
  5. Publishes to


Preferred way is to use Slush generator for API Blueprint Focus Booster.

Clone this repository.

git clone

Since this tool is powered by Gulp, you need to install all the dependencies via NPM first.

cd api-blueprint-focus-booster
npm install

And finally copy the example config file.

cp config.example.js config.js


Put your files (with .apib extension) into the ./src directory and run following command.


Resulting API Blueprint is saved in ./build/output.apib file.

Publish to

In order to use publish task, you need to install the Apiary CLI first.

gem install apiaryio

Setup API name and token in the config file and then publish your API Blueprint using following command.

gulp publish


MIT © Samir Djellil