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Courseware VM images and instructions

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Courseware for Engineering Software as a Service

a/k/a UC Berkeley CS 169 Software Engineering, a/k/a CS 169.1x/169.2x on EdX

vm-setup contains install scripts designed to start from a clean Ubuntu image (see comments inside script for which Ubuntu distro) and install all the courseware needed for the class.

Version numbers in the VM names track the earliest version of the book with which that VM image is designed to work; using that VM with earlier-numbered versions of the book may not give the results the book describes.

appspot contains an AppEngine app deployed to Google graciously donates hosting for the VM image on a high-replication AppEngine instance. The app's README explains how to administer it and upload new images there.

Added a new setup script for Ubuntu 12.04 and updated skeletons in new folder hw-skeletons. Details in those folders. - Michael Smith

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