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Technical Presentation Review

The goal of this assignment is for your team as a group to provide feedback to another team's technical presentation. The focus should be on how effective the presentation is, rather than the technical content itself. (So a clear presentation of a technical idea you're suspicious of should still get a good review.)

Presenting Team

The presenting team will give a roughly 10 minute presentation on the main technical challenges faced in their project.

The presentation does not need to include an overview of the customer need, since the reviewing team(s) will have obtained this information before the presentation, either by watching recorded interviews or inspecting other project documentation.

To keep in mind while preparing your presentation:

  • Rehearse your presentation to make sure everyone is speaking clearly, making eye contact with the audience, and finishing the presentation on time.

  • Don't put a lot of words on your slides. Since you will be explaining verbally, the slides should mostly feature visual aids (diagrams, charts, etc.) that accompany what you say.

  • Don't write a script and then read it. Make a few notes to yourself on a 3-by-5 index card to remind you of the main points, but speak to your audience, don't read to them off a page. It is worth rehearsing multiple times until you are comfortable with this:

Reviewing Team

Each member of the reviewing team will take careful notes during the presentation and collate their notes afterward, so that each reviewing team presents a single review.

The review should address at least the following:

  • Did the presentation feel like it had been rehearsed? For example,
    did the speaker(s) make eye contact with the audience, or just read off a page?

  • Was the sequence of ideas clearly presented? Did the content of the slides complement what was being said, or were the slides mostly paragraphs of text pasted into PowerPoint?

  • Identify at least one positive point about the presentation, and one point that could use improvement. Be specific: your comments should be phrased such that if you received that comment, you would be able to take specific action in response to it.

  • Identify one idea you might adopt for your own future projects as a result of something you saw in the presentation.

Reviews should be candid, but they are not anonymous, so treat the presenting team the way you would like them to treat you when delivering negative feedback.

Poor example of negative feedback: "Speaker X's presentation style sucked."

Better example: "Speaker X appeared to be reading from a script and didn't engage the audience. It would have been more effective if she/he had rehearsed their presentation a bit more."

Rubric for evaluating technical presentation

Aspect Exceeds Expectations Meets Expectations Somewhat below expectations Not acceptable
Preparation Very obvious that presentation was rehearsed thoroughly. Students came prepared with few hiccups Presentation is mostly fluid, with the exception of maybe 1 or 2 underprepared people Sloppy presentation, no clear direction or disorganized It was really, really bad. I could have presented about their app better than them, impromptu
Description of Customer Need included brief statement of customer problem and scope of project Not clear what the customer really wanted or what problem the group is trying to solve No discussion of customer needs
Technical Discussion Clearly conveyed some technical details of the app. Discussed a technical challenge in an understandable way Attempted to talk about technical aspects of app, mostly successfully, but did not mention technical challenge; or, not able to clearly convey technical topics Little technical coverage of their app; hard to discern implementation or challenges No technical discussion
Customer Interaction Clearly describe relationship with customer. Talk about goods, bads, and what was learned Talked about customer interaction to some extent. Shared what they learned from the experience Mentioned customer interaction, but no details about the experience No discussion of customer interactions
Development Practices Explained clearly their implementation of agile in their iterations. Reflect on what went well and what did not. Had a method to taking on iterations. Briefly explain development practices. Give an idea of approaches they took to iterations/Agile, but don’t reflect on their effectiveness Minimally talk about development lifecycles and iterations; suggests they didn’t take them seriously and had no concrete implementation of agile principles No discussion of iterations or approach to handling them


Your instructor will specify how to deliver the reviews.