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Modifying RottenPotatoes

Rails Intro: add features to RottenPotatoes

In this homework you will add a feature to an existing simple Rails app and deploy the result publicly on the Heroku cloud hosting service. We will run live integration tests against your deployed version.

General advice: This homework involves modifying RottenPotatoes in various ways. Git is your friend: commit frequently in case you inadvertently break something that was working before! That way you can always back up to an earlier revision, or just visually compare what changed in each file since your last “good” commit.

Remember, commit early and often!

Assignment Contents

How to submit when you're all done

Deploying your finished app to Heroku by the homework deadline is part of the grading process. Even if you have code checked in that works properly, you still need to also deploy it to Heroku to get full credit.

Once you're confident the functionality works correctly on Heroku, submit the URI of your deployed Heroku app in a text file with no other contents.

Please be careful to use http and not https, that is, submit and NOT

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