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Merge in HW3 & HW4 support from richardxia/rag #2

merged 112 commits into from Jun 19, 2013


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4 participants

jeady commented Sep 21, 2012

With this merge, saasbook/rag is capable of grading homeworks 1-4. Everything is working correctly as best as I can tell but please test it yourself.

I don't know what you (Richard) were trying to do with the whole misuse-FastReturn-as-goto whatever, but I have attempted to purge it because it was causing a merge conflict between richardxia/master and richardxia/feature-grader. I think I've merged it correctly (even if it is still ugly), but please take a look.

Additionally, I think we should either move hw3.yml, hw4.yml, and anything else that is relevant into the homework solutions repository or make this repository private.

Richard Xia and others added some commits Jan 31, 2012

Richard Xia Added peek to ClassXController 23ca07f
Richard Xia Dirty commit. Please fix before merging with main repo. e66a17f
Richard Xia More dirty hacks 7a21454
Richard Xia Reverted back to non-heroku autograding for regrades f23ca28
Richard Xia Renamed class_x*.rb to coursera*.rb c16a5c1
Richard Xia Cleaned up autograders.yml format 0bb9e1d
Richard Xia Cleaned up run_autograder_subprocess. Added HerokuRspecGrader f002933
Richard Xia Fixed a few bugs.
Fixed relative paths for graders
Renamed run_class_x_client
Raise error on non-zero exit code for autograder subprocess
Richard Xia Fixed heroku submission arguments f4a347e
Richard Xia Made grade_heroku executable 61a44b8
Richard Xia Formatted autograder text for web 1962d59
Richard Xia Added logger. 164f379
Richard Xia Fixed a couple of outdated names 8855bd6
Richard Xia Moved configuration files to config/ 43df9ee
Richard Xia Added specs for coursera_client ca8af71
Richard Xia Added run_local_autograder
Separated subprocess logic into separate file
@jonathank jonathank Hacky first version of HW3Grader 7a9778b
Richard Xia Factored out conf parsing into coursera client bfd6be4
Richard Xia Fixed @halt 934d154
Richard Xia Actually fixed it 4c994aa
@jonathank jonathank Tighter Cucumber integration
Can theoretically differentiate between RuntimeError and failure
Pass/fail detection is incorrect
Richard Xia Fixed unmatched parens d2c6af6
Richard Xia Downcased Base64 in requires 875b95a
@jonathank jonathank Works for first scenario only db175ee
@jonathank jonathank HW3 grader working on sample app 1f40c29
Richard Xia Fixed configuration loading ded814a
Richard Xia Fixed scoping problem fde9227
Richard Xia Added sleep time for coursera_client 9e0a739
Richard Xia Added logger info for sleep time, default sleep time 40910b0
Richard Xia Fixed default sleep time 2fc87e0
Richard Xia Fixed boolean value testing 71320ec
Richard Xia Fixed while true loop 669e2d8
Richard Xia Fixed queue_length with bad status code e6cb36e
@jonathank jonathank FeatureGrader greps cucumber output
And new format for FeatureGrader description yml
Richard Xia Added better logging ae4274a
Richard Xia Added proper subprocess exit status checking 7fb53a9
Richard Xia Fixed scope 5437c39
Richard Xia Fixed error logging for subprocess 02ce3eb
Richard Xia fixed bug 2f9f821
Richard Xia Submit score of 0 and feedback when subprocess crashes 9b3249c
Richard Xia Captured parsing errors in auto_grader_subprocess.rb 2b9ff90
@jonathank jonathank Added multithreading f1dc865
@jonathank jonathank Untar to /tmp 9199b41
@jonathank jonathank rake -> Cucumber::Runtime
Approx. 30% speed increase by using Cucumber::Runtime directly
Richard Xia Added more exception catching 13f01cb
Richard Xia Added log rotation e46f63d
Richard Xia Added timeout of 3 minutes for Heroku grader af953d4
Richard Xia Added mechanize to Gemfile 9083d07
@jonathank jonathank hw3 sort 94a5eb8
@jonathank jonathank Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/richard-dirty' into feature-grader 8d573e7
Richard Xia Captured incorrect submission file format errors a04bd42
@jonathank jonathank Compatibility with AutoGraderSubprocess in grade3_autograder 5d20b8d
@jonathank jonathank Synchronized output from Feature to FeatureGrader ab75e33
Richard Xia Added PID to log file name 6ef305e
@jonathank jonathank HW3Grader works locally c01f15f
@jonathank jonathank Catch all errors in grade3 to avoid backtrace in output 7cb0f6b
@jonathank jonathank Version on the ec2 graders 2d37f41
@jonathank jonathank Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/richard-dirty' into feature-grader f103d95
@jonathank jonathank Simplify hw3 grading rules a8e2ce5
@jonathank jonathank Fix for fatal EOFError in coursera_controller a039fab
@jonathank jonathank Fix for "-@" instead of error message
Still not sure why this happens..
@jonathank jonathank Error message when required scenarios aren't found a328c7f
Richard Xia Started working on hw4 grader 20c48b3
Richard Xia Removed thing fcca3c3
Richard Xia Properly added stuff 35284b7
@jonathank jonathank Coverage parser ce3ecad
Richard Xia Cleaned up hw4 grader stuff 40ac757
@jonathank jonathank Merge remote-tracking branch 'rxia/hw4-grader' into hw4-grader
Richard Xia Fixed nesting, raketask name 4128225
@jonathank jonathank Merge remote-tracking branch 'rxia/hw4-grader' into hw4-grader 22be940
@jonathank jonathank Add reference cucumber grading 40b518d
Richard Xia Added scoring for user rspec cucumber tests 97710bf
Richard Xia Merge remote branch 'jonko/hw4-grader' into hw4-grader a558170
Richard Xia Working, but slow 6019ae7
Richard Xia Fixed up autograders.yml d110648
Richard Xia Cleaned up output formatting. Should parse correct score now 7d52d8a
Richard Xia Added Ruby Debug to Gemfile 62837aa
Richard Xia Fixed a few errors with hw4 grading 298bf03
Richard Xia Fixed parsing in the Feature grading for when "n passed" is not present 1382ac3
@jonathank jonathank rake:saas prints errors instead of raising
Ensures correct scoring when tasks fail with fatal errors
richardxia Merge pull request #1 from jonathank/hw4-grader
rake:saas prints errors instead of raising
Richard Xia Fixed path for graders in hw4_grader 595656a
Richard Xia If there were a Ruby God, He would smite me for this.
Fixed run reference cucumber code for hw4_grader
Richard Xia Fixed director feature to use the correct name for home page b033e3b
Richard Xia Fixed typo in hw4_grader 357a5fa
Richard Xia Added more error information on setup failure 110e27c
Richard Xia Added undefined scenarios to feature output parser 948cdc2
Richard Xia Added a rake db:test:prepare to clear up old state 931b252
Richard Xia Changed env to use Rails test env c2d3c18
Richard Xia Added more lenient redirect expectation 8327d62
Richard Xia Made feature safer c40b53d
Richard Xia Fix 60236db
Richard Xia Installed cucumber raketask on default repo. Fixed saas_web_steps.rb 10d44a9
Richard Xia Made step better 036f65e
Richard Xia Reverted ./grade to work with RSpecGrader 87b8e61
Richard Xia Removed grade3_autograder a76ad99
Richard Xia Fixed bundler error, tar error 83c5b15
Richard Xia Merge branch 'feature-grader' of github.com:richardxia/rag into featu…
Richard Xia Temporarily removing multithreading to avoid possibility of hanging e85d336
@jeady jeady Merging in richardxia/feature-grader. 3997379
@jeady jeady Adding missing tempfile dependency. a2eea2a
@jeady jeady Moving new graders from richardxia/feature-grader into the subdirecto…
…ries used by rag/master
@jeady jeady Updated grade3 to work with the placement of the autograder classes i…
…n rag/master.
@jeady jeady Merging in richardxia/master for HW4 compatibility. 75ab4cd
@jeady jeady Continuing last commit, apparently I forgot a file. c51bec4
@jeady jeady Adding autograding script for hw5 7060c97
@jeady jeady Increasing autograder timeout for hw5 c39dd2d
@jeady jeady Fix crash bug from corrupted character encodings 494c029
@jeady jeady Fix autograder timeout to work correctly. cbdd6bd
@robertjmarks robertjmarks added in the connection info for edX 71058f6
@robertjmarks robertjmarks updated conf.yml.example and autograder.yml.example 0f88b6b
@jeady jeady Merge pull request #1 from jeady/connections

@armandofox armandofox added a commit that referenced this pull request Jun 19, 2013

@armandofox armandofox Merge pull request #2 from jeady/master
Merge in HW3 & HW4 support from richardxia/rag

@armandofox armandofox merged commit 4b7d069 into saasbook:master Jun 19, 2013

@zhangaaron zhangaaron added a commit that referenced this pull request Jun 25, 2015

@zhangaaron zhangaaron Merge pull request #2 from apelade/xqueue-seanzhu-updateTravis
Update to ruby 2.0.0, depends on changes in xqueue-ruby
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