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Saasty is an on-line web application building platform. We have developed it to be user-friendly and operable by non-developers. At the core of our application builder. To make the generated application code readable and clear for our users who are brave enough to peek under the hood, we have developed several open-source frameworks.

Saasty itself and any applications generated by Saasty will depend on the following code. If you spot any problems with the apps, you can submit a bug-report or even take matters into your own hands and give back to our community.

Backend frameworks

Applications generated by Saasty can work with SQL and NoSQL databases. They also integrate with different libraries which are working hard to protect and keep your data safe.

Frontend frameworks

The user-interface of apps produced by Saasty relies on by open-source contributors:


Several other frameworks are used and deserve some credit:

Thanks to

Finally special thanks to services and tools that make possible:

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