Duplicated semicolons generates exception in CSSParser::parseIdentifier #42

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Trying to parse the DokuWiki CSS file at the link below generates an exception in CSSParser::parseIdentifier() on line 115 with the message "Identifier expected, got ;widt".

CSS file link: http://www.syntilect.com/cgf/lib/exe/css.php

Examining the CSS file shows a duplicated semicolon (after right:237px). I suspect this is affecting the parser - will have a look and see if I can find an easy fix.

div.dokuwiki div.ajax_qsearch{position:absolute;right:237px;;width:200px;opacity:0.9;display:none;font-size:80%;line-height:1.2em;border:1px solid #8cacbb;background-color:#f7f9fa;text-align:left;padding:4px;}

A few more quick thoughts:

CSSParser::parseIdentifier throws an exception because CSSParser::parseCharacter returns null when asked to parse a ';' character. A very crude solution to this problem is to add the code:

while($this->peek() == ';') { $this->consume(); }

to the beginning of CSSParser::parseRule. A better solution might be to engineer the Rule parser to handle "empty rules" but I haven't had the time to look into the code enough to figure out how to make it do this... I'll leave the issue open for further discussion on this if nec.

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