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Tailsaw: Saber Blog Starter Template

This is a starter template for creating a beautiful, customizable blog in Saber with minimal effort. It is based on the Blog Template for Jigsaw. See the demo.


yarn add saber-theme-tailsaw

Then, in your Saber config file:

theme: tailsaw
  - saber-plugin-query-posts
  - saber-plugin-prismjs
  # If you want to enable local search:
  - saber-plugin-search

This starter template includes samples of common page types, and comes pre-configured with:

  • A fully responsive theme
  • Tailwind CSS, a utility CSS framework that allows you to customize your design without touching a line of CSS
  • Syntax highlighting using Prism
  • A search bar which indexes your content automatically (when saber-plugin-search is used)
  • Progress bar and page transition
  • A custom 404 page
  • A component for accepting newsletter signups
  • A sample contact form

Coming soon:

  • RSS feed and sitemap generator
  • Config options

Adding Content

You can write your content using a variety of file types. Your content is located in the pages/_posts/ folder.

The top of each content page contains a YAML header that specifies how it should be rendered. The title attribute is used to dynamically generate HTML title and OpenGraph tags for each page. The layout attribute defines which parent layout this content file will render with (e.g. post will render with theme/layouts/post.vue).

title: First Post
layout: post
date: 2019-04-29
author: Jane
  - meta
slug: first-post
featured: true
  cover: ./first-post.png

Adding Assets

You can easily include assets in your posts, just by linking to their relative location.

Building Your Site

Now that you know how to customize your content, let’s build the site.

yarn build

Your built site is under public/.