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Saber requires Node.js 8 or above.

When you have Node.js installed on your machine, the node and npm commands will be available in your terminal.

Run following command to check your Node.js version:

node -v

Creating a New Project from Scratch

Creating a new directory my-site and populate a package.json:

mkdir my-site
cd my-site
npm init -y

Install Saber with npm:

npm install saber

Alternatively, you can also install Saber with Yarn which is an alternative package manager developed by Facebook:

yarn add saber

Make sure you have Yarn installed first.

Configure scripts in package.json:

  "scripts": {
    "dev": "saber",
    "build": "saber build"

Then you can run npm run dev to start the dev server, or run npm run build to create a production build of your app.

Using the Generator

You can also generate a new site with just a single command:

npm init site my-site

Or using Yarn:

yarn create site my-site

Then start the dev server:

cd my-site
npm install
npm run dev

For more details, check out the in my-site/.

CodeSandbox Example

The easiest way to try out Saber is to edit and preview the example project on CodeSandbox.

<iframe src="" title="saber-sandbox" style="width:100%; height:500px; border:0; border-radius: 4px; overflow:hidden;" sandbox="allow-modals allow-forms allow-popups allow-scripts allow-same-origin"></iframe>
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