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* AdMobView.h
* AdMob iPhone SDK publisher code.
* The entry point for requesting a 320x48 AdMob ad to display.
#import <UIKit/UIKit.h>
@protocol AdMobDelegate;
@interface AdMobView : UIView
* Initiates an ad request and returns a view that will contain the results;
* the delegate is alerted when the ad is ready to display (or has failed to
* load); this is a good opportunity to attach the view to your hierarchy.
* If you already have a AdMobView with an ad loaded, and simply want to show
* a new ad in the same location, you may use -requestFreshAd instead (see below).
* This method should only be called from a run loop in default run loop mode.
* If you don't know what that means, you're probably ok. If in doubt, check
* whether ([[NSRunLoop currentRunLoop] currentMode] == NSDefaultRunLoopMode).
+ (AdMobView *)requestAdWithDelegate:(id<AdMobDelegate>)delegate;
* Causes an existing AdMobView to display a fresh ad. If an ad successfully loads,
* it is animated in with a flip; if not, this call fails silently and the old
* ad remains onscreen.
* Note that, during the flip, views under the AdMobView will be exposed.
* If refreshing an ad, we recommend doing it no more frequently than every 12
* seconds. The click through rates of ads remain high for that amount of time
* and it gives users a chance to read and comprehend the ad.
- (void)requestFreshAd;
* Returns the version of the current SDK.
+ (NSString *)version;
* This property is exposed so that the delegate can be cleared if it is going to
* be dealloc'ed. This ensures that the AdMob SDK will never make a call to a
* deallocated instance.
@property (assign) id<AdMobDelegate> delegate;