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cocos2d for iPhone license:
cocos2d for iPhone was originally licensed under the GNU LGPL v3 license.
But since it is impossible to distribute 3rd party dynamic libraries
for the iPhone, this license extends the GNU LGPL v3 license by allowing you:
a) to use cocos2d for iPhone as a static library
b) to include all or part of the cocos2d for iPhone sources inside your project
This means that if you do a) and/or b) you are NOT forced to release your
source code under the GNU LGPL v3 license.
What is an improvement to the library and what's part of your game is
decided by the your own good faith.
Remember that cocos2d for iPhone follows the copyleft idea. So if you think that
you're improving the library, share your changes with the community with this same
If you have any doubt regarding the license, please contact Ricardo Quesada.