Making a wrong right again #409

wants to merge 1 commit into

Context: ShopQI is a Chinese clone of Shopify. I went ahead and improved it.




:shipit: ship it




Fuck it, I'd fund that.






@tobi no tests?




Because China.


so... what's plan b again?


Definitely an improvement!

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  • 96,287 deletions

These are the best types of commits. 👏


(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


best pull request ever :)


Go for it!








+1000 Internets!




I approve of this pull request


Please resubmit with tests


Hi Reddit.


So, it certainly appears (from the reports I've read; I've not gone and compared it myself yet) that ShopQi ripped off lots of publicly visible frontend code from Shopify. However, @tobi's merge also backs out all of the backend code. Presumably ShopQi had to write that bit themselves.

Also, it's kind of surprising that ShopQi pushed its entire source tree here on Github to begin with.


The code quality of this commit is amazing, it has gone up maybe 100%.


Best. Commit. Ever.




Brilliant! I love Shopify even more now!!






at least its open source. is shoppify?


Wondering if @tobi is aware his assets and code were also relicensed under AGPL 3!


Ripoff? The guy at least had to write the backend, no? Seems to me that @tobi doesn't like competition. How about you do the same thing on the Diaspora repo and claim they are a Facebook ripoff?



@lenage This is just a statement from @tobi that it's not ok to blatantly copy another person/companies work.

Competition is one thing, a total ripoff is another.


+1 I saw this on trending repos =)


Props to anyone that could build a product end to end. Nothing is original on the internets. Shopify should offer this guy a job to spearhead the Chinese market instead of belittling him.


I approve this pull request 👍


+1 XD


So awesome.


+1 👍

  1. Ripping off design is wrong.
  2. Removing the entire open source project including its original parts that are not ripoffs is also wrong.
  3. Correct a wrong with another wrong doesn't make anything right.

Ripping off design is wrong.



hmm. .interesting video.






Nicely played.

@saberma saberma closed this Jan 21, 2013

Nice refactor! 👍


Awesome! 🚢

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