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package ishtargate
import (
type Network struct {
// Accessible IP
IP string `json:"ip,omitempty"`
// []Host
// Hosts are referenced by other Servers
// if referenced, hosts are appended to their /etc/hosts
Hosts []string `json:"hosts,omitempty"`
// Passive Services
// passive services will always be available in the firewall rules
// [ServiceName]Service
ServicesPassive map[string]*Service `json:"services-passive,omitempty"`
// Acquirable Services
// acquirable services will only be available in firewall rules if acquired
// [ServiceName]Service
ServicesAcquirable map[string]*Service `json:"services-acquirable,omitempty"`
// Optional Service Dependencies
// Acquired Services will set firewall rules in the acquirable Servers firewall rules
// this Service object here is optional and will be included in this Servers rules
// [ServerName][NetworkName][ServiceName]Service
ServiceDependencies map[string]map[string]map[string]*Service `json:"service-dependencies,omitempty"`
// Before Server.FirewallRulesBefore
FirewallRulesBefore []*Firewall_Rule `json:"firewall-rules-before,omitempty"`
// After Server.FirewallRulesAfter
FirewallRulesAfter []*Firewall_Rule `json:"firewall-rules-after,omitempty"`
// Network Variables
Vars map[string]interface{} `json:"vars,omitempty"`
func (self *Network) IsValid() bool {
if self == nil {
log.Println("Network nil")
return false
if self.IP == "" {
log.Println("Network.IP empty")
return false
if net.ParseIP(self.IP) == nil {
log.Println("Network.IP invalid")
return false
// Hosts can be empty
for _, host := range self.Hosts {
// individual Hosts can not be empty
if host == "" {
log.Println("Network.Hosts host empty")
return false
// ServicesPassive can be empty
for servicename, service := range self.ServicesPassive {
if !service.IsValid() {
log.Printf("Network.ServicesPassive[%s] service invalid\n", servicename)
return false
// ServicesAcquirable can be empty
for servicename, service := range self.ServicesAcquirable {
if !service.IsValid() {
log.Printf("Network.ServicesAcquirable[%s] service invalid\n", servicename)
return false
// ServiceDependencies can be empty
// Service objects are optional, and their values are optional
// if port is set then it will be used as the source port
// if rule is not empty then it will be used locally as a rule
// there's no current reason to validate them, if we need to in the future keep that in mind
/*for servername, networks := range self.ServiceDependencies {
for networkname, services := range networks {
for servicename, service := range services {
// Service can be nil
// Service should only be set if we need local firewall settings
if service != nil && !service.IsValid() {
log.Printf("Dependency.Services[%s][%s][%s] service invalid\n", servername, networkname, servicename)
return false
return true