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Find file Copy path
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package patrol
import (
var (
ERR_PATH_INVALID = fmt.Errorf("Path can NOT be current or parent Directory!")
ERR_DIRECTORY = fmt.Errorf("Path was a Directory")
func OpenFile(
path string,
) (
) {
// validate csv path
// path.Clean will return an absolute path with one exception
// it can return "." and ".."
// if either of these values are returned they are useless to us, we can't write to the current or parent directories
path = filepath.Clean(path)
if path == "." ||
path == ".." {
// invalid
return nil, ERR_PATH_INVALID
// path is usable
// we need to open our file for writing, we don't care about writing
// we don't care if our file already exists, append if it does!
// we also need to create our file if it does not exist
f, err := os.OpenFile(path, os.O_WRONLY|os.O_CREATE|os.O_APPEND, 0644)
if err != nil {
// failed to open
return nil, err
// returned file handler must be closed
// if an error occurs we must close this handler
// check if our "file" is a directory
i, err := f.Stat()
if err != nil {
// failed to stat
return nil, err
if i.IsDir() {
// this is a directory, we can't use this!
return nil, ERR_DIRECTORY
// file is safe to use
// returned file handler MUST be closed
return f, nil
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