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%link{:rel => "stylesheet", :href => "", :type => "text/css"}
%link{:rel => "stylesheet", :href => "css/style.css", :type => "text/css"}
%script{:src => "", :type => "text/javascript", :charset => "utf-8"}
%script{:src => "js/shakemaps.js", :type => "text/javascript"}
%body{:onload => "init(); addUrl()"}
%h1{ :id => "title"} USGS ShakeMaps Feed
%p{ :id => "shortdesc"} Demo of GeoRSS in OpenLayers
%form{ :onsubmit => "return false;" }
%input{ :type=>"text", :id=>"url", :size=>"50", :value=>""}
%input{ :type=>"submit", :onclick=>"addUrl(); return false;", :value=>"Load Feed", :onsubmit=>"addUrl(); return false;" }
%h4 Example:
%p To try this out, entering one of the following URLs in field and press the "Load Feed" button
%h4 Background:
%a{:href => "", :rel => "external"}
Read the blog post
%h4 Get the code:
%a{:href => "", :rel=>"external"}