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Documentation generation for RESTful APIs
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Based on RAPI Doc by Jaap van der Meer found here:

Rails Api Doc Generator
Original Author: JPM van der Meer
Modified By: Chelsea Robb
With API DOC one can generate code for a Restful Rails API.
It generates a set of HTML views in the public directory.  Parses the desired controllers and generates appropriate views.
Currently does not read routes.rb and requires manual entry of routes

    script/plugin install git://

Templates can be used for tuning your method generation and index.html.erb.

In the structure folder one can setup some additional views to be used for the apidoc controller generator.

Create a documentation.yml inside your config directory.  In this config file specify the controllers you wish to
generate documentation for in the following format:
  location: "/users"
  controller_name: "users_controller.rb"

Then invoke the generation by calling:
    rake rapi_doc

==Documentation Example

=begin apidoc
url:: /users
method:: GET
access:: FREE
return:: [JSON|XML] - list of user objects
param:: page:int - the page, default is 1
param:: per_page:int - max items per page, default is 10

Get a list of all users in the system with pagination.  Defaults to 10 per page

TODO  - Make class documentation work
      - Write tests and make them work
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