A simple flow layout that allows you to create a grid layout with UICollectionView.
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Create a custom grid layout using UICollectionView

A simple project to show you how easy it is to create a grid layout with UICollectionView.

# Installation
Grab the GridLayout.swift file and drag it into your project to customise the look of your UICollectionView.
# Usage
Just specify the number of columns you wish to display at initialisation and assign it to your collectionView. Simple as that. Per default the layout object is using 1-1pt for each space between rows and columns.
var gridLayout: GridLayout = GridLayout(numberOfColumns: 4)

func viewDidLoad() {
  collectionView.collectionViewLayout = gridLayout

# More information Check out my blog for more tutorials, projects, freebies like this, at sabminder.com

Check out the tutorial for this project here.

# To switch between layouts To learn how to switch between 1 layout to another, go check out this branch: here.