A macro that facilitates writing asynchronous code.
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Async block

A macro that allows transparent integration of synchronous and asynchronous code.


  (ab-wait 0.5)
  (message "Start")

  ;; Wait 0.5 second before going forward. This format can be used when an
  ;; asynchronous funciton has a callback, and it's arguments are not important.
  (run-with-timer 0.5 nil (ab-queue))

  ;; The above can also be written like this:
  (ab-wait 0.5)

  ;; ab-wait may have a body after the first argument. In that case the queue
  ;; will proceed only when it evaluates to a non-nil value. The test will be
  ;; repeated every INTERVAL (the first argument)
  (let* (done)
    (url-retrieve "http://yahoo.com"
                  (lambda (&rest ignore)
                    (re-search-forward "<title>\\([^<]+\\)")
                    (message (match-string 1))
                    (setq done t)))
    (ab-wait 1
  (ab-wait 1)

  ;; This format is probably better when you want to have a lambda callback.
    (url-retrieve "http://google.com"
                   (lambda (&rest ignore)
                     (re-search-forward "<title>\\([^<]+\\)")
                     (message (match-string 1))
  (ab-wait 1)

  ;; ab-while works like regular while, but it's first argument is an iterval
  ;; which specifies the time between iterations.
  (let ((var 5))
    (ab-while 1 (not (zerop var))
      (message "while: %s" var)
      (cl-decf var)))
  (ab-wait 1)

  (message "Finish"))