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Fix trailing line for package.el compatibility

The trailing line requires 3 leading semicolons in order
to be parsed by `package-buffer-info`. Without this fix,
the file cannot be installed from the automatically-built
packages on MELPA.
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commit c3df27f1cce537361b24afc9fc0c56645842ee1d 1 parent eafaa37
Steve Purcell authored March 28, 2013

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  1. 2  es-auto-auto-indent.el
2  es-auto-auto-indent.el
@@ -369,4 +369,4 @@ if the mode indents well in all but a few cases, you can change the
369 369
 (defvaralias 'es-aai-mode 'es-auto-auto-indent-mode)
370 370
371 371
 (provide 'es-auto-auto-indent)
-;; es-auto-auto-indent.el ends here
+;;; es-auto-auto-indent.el ends here

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