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MView Image + EMMS Cover


Emms Cover shows the cover of the currently playing album in EMMS.

MView Image is a simple image viewer, based on ImageMagick that shows an image scaled to fit and centered. It will adjust if the window is resized. EMMS Cover is derived from this mode. It can open images from URLs.

Installation and usage

EMMS Cover

Put both files somewhere in your load-path, add (require 'emms-cover) somewhere in your .emacs, and do M-x emms-cover-switch-to.

MView Image

Two good usage examples are view-image-switch-to-image and mview-image-switch-to-url.

Possible improvements:

MView Image

  • Could be optimized in several places.

EMMS Cover

  • Find/make a nicely licensed image for missing covers. At the moment you need to find your own, and set the emms-cover-nocover-image variable.
  • Overlay a pause sign on top of the cover when the player is paused. Cache it, so the switch is instantaneous.