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eldoc backend for php - displays function arguments in the minibuffer when cursor is on top of them
Emacs Lisp PHP
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eldoc backend for php.

Provides eldoc functionality for global functions, but not classes or methods. Contains a list of standard php functions. It is also possilbe to access function from a specific project/framework, it requires you to put probe.php somehere in the project path.

Also provides a source for autocomplete

Sample php-mode-hook:

(defun php-mode-options ()
    ((string-match-p "^/my-project-folder")
     (php-eldoc-probe-load ""))
    ((string-match-p "^/other-project-folder")
     (php-eldoc-probe-load "http://localhost/otherproject/probe.php?secret=sesame"))))
(add-hook 'php-mode-hook 'php-mode-options)
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