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  1. sabotage Public

    Forked from pikhq/sabotage

    a radical and experimental distribution based on musl libc and busybox

    Shell 506 69

  2. libcurses and dependencies taken from netbsd and brought into a portable shape (at least to musl or glibc)

    C 119 12

  3. linux kernel headers (sanitized for use with musl)

    C 77 23

  4. stub and/or lightweight replacements of the gnu gettext suite; because the GNU one takes ages to compile

    M4 52 12

  5. Forked from GregorR/musl-cross

    A small suite of scripts and patches for building musl libc cross compilers.

    Shell 35 7

  6. butch Public

    old C version of package and build manager for sabotage linux, current version is written in shell/awk and can be found in KEEP/bin in the `sabotage` repo.

    C 28 6


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