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Tanks Will be Tanks Press Kit

Getting the game

The basics


What does it mean to be a tank? What do they think of each other? How do they feel about color? What are they dreaming of in-between rounds? Are waypoints like catnip pads for tanks? Are tanks art? If a tank dies alone in the desert, who's updating the score? Why won't this tank stop shooting at me? I'm just bystanding the whole thing! I never asked for attention. Oh well. I guess tanks will be tanks...


  • Tanks
  • Dust
  • Art
  • A looping 30-second chiptune beat that will claw its way through your skull for eternity
  • Some more tanks


1. Searching for Red Tank

1 Where is Red Tank? Why isn't it coming to play? The more you search, the more you know. But the world is vast, so maybe your search is vain. Still, you should keep going on, just to make sure, for even tanks get lonely.

2. An Ontological Examination of Unity Through a Critique of Casual Violence on the TANKS! Game in Hope of Finding a Pacifist Approach to Game Design

2 We're having fun there, but really what is this mimicking? Are we clapping for the wrong reasons? Why is it always coming back to this?

3. Grounded

3 How desensitized are we over all this, really? Middle-East? Search & Destroy? War is bleak and empty and absurd, just like this thing.


Tanks Will be Tanks is first and foremost an academic project that went under Pippin Barr's supervision. The three games have been constructed from Unity's Tanks Tutorial that got showcased at Boston's Unite 2015.

This project is an examination of the basic ontologies of the game engine while keeping the game as untouched as I could. The level, for instance, is untouched throughout the interventions, no new rules are added and no already existing mechanic has been modified. The changes occur only through some specific affordances of the Unity engine, namely its lights, cameras, sound, and 3D objects.

I am also interested in the game's representation of violence in TANKS!. To quote Pippin's vision: "TANKS! is a perfect foil for a conversation about a specific kind of violence in viodegames -- that kind of negligent, casual, cartoonish, functional, "abstract" violence that we're meant just to accept". TANKS! represent a very common kind of game where violence is dormant in the background, and yet all-encompassing. The excercise was thus not to exacerbate violence, but show everything around and in-between: grief, desolation, trauma and isolation.

This project is finally an excercise in method and discipline: maintaining a rigorous process documentation, clean repo and commit history.

Simon-Albert Boud--? Bourdau--? Boudrrr? Boudreault?

Simon-Albert makes videogames that might not be videogames for people who do not play videogames, which is simpler than it sounds. He also organises events centered around the local experimental scene so that artists, hobbyists and other solo devs can find a place to enjoy weird games and talk about them.

Additional Links


Tanks Will be Tanks was made in Unity and is based on Unity's own Tanks Tutorial game.


  • Simon-Albert Boudreault: everything
  • Pippin Barr: the master plan
  • Unity Technologies: the original tutorial


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