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Welcome to the sourcecode for is a static website. We use sculpin to generate this website.

To start contributing, you can simply fork this project and add your new pages to the source directory.

Running the website locally

Although this is not needed when creating or updating content, it may be useful to be able to run the website on a local machine.

To do so, make sure you have the following tools installed:

  • composer
  • yui-compressor (apt-get install yui-compressor)
  • lessc (sudo npm install -g less).

Next, from the project directory, run the following:

composer install
vendor/bin/sculpin generate --watch --server

The first step will install required dependencies, the second starts a server locally where you can go have a look. To test, simply head to http://localhost:8000/.

Style guide

  1. Try to keep all the lines in your markdown files under 80 characters.
  2. External links are done using references.
  3. Internal links to other pages on the site, are made using in-line links.
  4. Code blocks are done using indentation style (4 spaces). This is not the most ideal for typing, but it does appear to be the most portable style.
  5. Break the rules when appropriate.

Sample page with links

Welcome to!

To find out more, check out [getting started](/dav/getting-started)!


This website was built using [sculpin][1].