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namespace Sabre\Xml;
* Objects implementing XmlSerializable can control how they are represented in
* Xml.
* @copyright Copyright (C) 2009-2015 fruux GmbH (
* @author Evert Pot (
* @license Modified BSD License
interface XmlSerializable
* The xmlSerialize method is called during xml writing.
* Use the $writer argument to write its own xml serialization.
* An important note: do _not_ create a parent element. Any element
* implementing XmlSerializble should only ever write what's considered
* its 'inner xml'.
* The parent of the current element is responsible for writing a
* containing element.
* This allows serializers to be re-used for different element names.
* If you are opening new elements, you must also close them again.
public function xmlSerialize(Writer $writer);
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