Demonstration of various use cases of the OpenShift Camel Component within a SwitchYard application
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Demonstration of various use cases of the OpenShift Camel Component within a SwitchYard application.


  • OpenShift Camel component
  • SwitchYard
    • Bindings
      • Scheduling
      • REST
    • Camel
      • Routes
        • XML
        • Java
      • Various Enterprise Integration Patterns (EIP)
    • Custom Message Composers

Project Overview

SwitchYard Services

The following SwitchYard services are contained within this application

Start Applications (Camel XML)

Attempts to start all applications within a users' account which are not currently started

User Operations (Camel Java)

Performs various operations against a users' account

  • Display User
  • Display Domains
  • Display Applications within a given Domain

SwitchYard Bindings

Services can be accessed via the following methods:


Each service is exposed via REST services. All services are available under the /rest context. The following table describes the method invocations available.

Context Description
/scheduled/appstatus Attempt to start stopped Applications returning statistics of the invocation
/operation/user Retrieve details of the user
/operation/domains Retrieve all domains for a user
/operation/domain/{id} Retrieve the details for an individual domain
/operation/applications/{domainId} Retrieve details for all applications in a given doman
/operation/application/{uuid} Retrieve information for a given application


Invokes the service to start all applications within a given users' account. By default, the timer will fire hourly at the top of each hour. The schedule can be configured within the SwitchYard binding. The following properties must be configured within the SwitchYard context or via a Java property within the application container:

  • openshift.user - The OpenShift login for a user account
  • *openshift.password *- The OpenShift password for a user account

Web Application

A web application is available to invoke the operations exposed by SwitchYard services. It can be accessed at the following location after being deployed to Fuse Service Works



Integration tests are available to demonstrate how to test SwitchYard components and the services within this project


  1. Maven
  2. Fuse Service Works/SwitchYard
  3. Camel OpenShift Component

Building and Deploying

  1. Clone the repository
  2. Configure project dependencies 3. Run either the or init.bat within the support folder to retrieve and build the camel-openshift component and install in the local Maven repository
  3. Configure required properties for timer service (optional)
  4. Build the project using Maven mvn clean install
  5. Deploy project to Fuse Service Works


The project can be seemlessly deployed to the OpenShift platform

  1. Create a new application: rhc app create <app-name> ""
  2. Change Directory into newly created Application repository: cd <app_name>
  3. Add Upstream Repository: git remote add upstream -m master
  4. Merge into OpenShift Repository: git pull -s recursive -X theirs upstream master
  5. Push changes to OpenShift: git push origin master