Maven plugin to communicate with Jenkins server to validate Jenkinsfiles
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Maven Central

Maven plugin the validate the syntax of a Jenkinsfile


The Pipelines-Model-Definition plugin provides a declarative syntax to construct Jenkins pipelines. Aside from the definition itself, the plugin exposes an endpoint to validate the syntax of a Jenkinsfile. This plugin communicates with a Jenkins server configured with this plugin to validate the syntax of a Jenkinsfile defined within a Maven project


Clone the repository and build the plugin

mvn clean install


Add the plugin to the pom.xml. The following example demonstrates how the plugin can be employed within a project:


Execute the plugin

mvn jenkinsfile:validate


The following parameters are available to fine tune the plugin execution

Element Description Property Default
jenkinsfile Location of the Jenkinsfile within the project jenkinsfile Jenkinsfile
username Jenkins username jenkins.username
password Jenkins password jenkins.password
insecureSSL Whether to ignore insecure SSL certificates jenkins.insecureSSL false
server Jenkins server jenkins.server http://localhost:8080/jenkins