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coding challenge: Create an app that can interactively play the game and never lose.
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DJTickyTack is a Tic-Tac-Toe server built in python with Django.
Players can create or join any number of games, and play proceeds

Although Tic-Tac-Toe is a rather silly application of this technology,
the software serves as prototype server for more advanced turn based
games, such as Chess, Checkers, or Go.

It provides both a rudimentary HTML interface and a RESTful API.


  python (developed with v 2.7)
  django (developed with v1.2.4)


Running the Server

To set up the database (only required before the first run):

  python syncdb

To start the server:

  python runserver localhost:8888

Then go to:



MinMaxMoe implements the rules of tic tac toe and a complete brute-force
solution to the game based on the minimax algorithm from game theory. It
can play you interactively in the shell, or can be scheduled to play
asynchronously on a DJTickyTack server.


MinMaxMoe uses a database of all possible lines of play. The game tree is
stored in 'gametree.dbm', which you must generate manually.

  # from TickyTack directory:
  python MinMaxMoe/

On my low-end 2010 win64 laptop, this takes about two and half minutes and
generates a 4.5MB file. Your mileage may vary depending on CPU strength
and the anydbm modules you have configured in your python.

NOTE: You only need to do this *once*.
(See the docstrings in for rationale.)


  # from TickyTack directory:
  python MinMaxMoe/

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