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; structs.arc
; by sacado
; comments by AmkG
; Contains definitions for the abstract syntax trees used
; in CPS- and closure-conversions.
; a variable
(def make-var (id uid)
(listtab `((type var) (id ,id) (uid ,uid))))
(def avar (x)
(and (isa x 'table) (is x!type 'var)))
; a special form (not really a macro, at least not
; an Arc-style macro, since the output of the macro
; should be an AST, not a list)
(def make-macro (id expander)
(listtab `((type macro) (id ,id) (expander ,expander))))
(def amacro (x)
(and (isa x 'table) (is x!type 'macro)))
; a literal: number or t/nil
; (might be extended to chars someday)
(def make-lit (subx val)
(listtab `((type lit) (subx ,subx) (val ,val))))
(def alit (x)
(and (isa x 'table) (is x!type 'lit)))
; a variable reference
(def make-ref (subx var)
(listtab `((type ref) (subx ,subx) (var ,var))))
(def aref (x)
(and (isa x 'table) (is x!type 'ref)))
; a quoted form
; (currently only literals)
(def make-quote (subx val)
(listtab `((type quote) (subx ,subx) (val ,val))))
(def aquote (x)
(and (isa x 'table) (is x!type 'quote)))
; a (set var val) form
(def make-set (subx var)
(listtab `((type set) (subx ,subx) (var ,var))))
(def aset (x)
(and (isa x 'table) (is x!type 'set)))
; an if form
; (supports only 2 or 3-arg form but code
; is preprocessed to that form anyway)
(def make-cnd (subx)
(listtab `((type cnd) (subx ,subx))))
(def acnd (x)
(and (isa x 'table) (is x!type 'cnd)))
; a primitive
; (possibly make these *optimized* primitives,
; since it's technically possible, in Arc, to
; redefine most primitives; basically if a
; primitive is redefined, it's no longer
; represented using this)
(def make-prim (subx op)
(listtab `((type prim) (subx ,subx) (op ,op))))
(def aprim (x)
(and (isa x 'table) (is x!type 'prim)))
; a function call (a function *app*lication)
(def make-app (subx)
(listtab `((type app) (subx ,subx))))
(def anapp (x)
(and (isa x 'table) (is x!type 'app)))
; a function form (a *lam*bda)
(def make-lam (subx params)
(listtab `((type lam) (subx ,subx) (params ,params))))
(def alam (x)
(and (isa x 'table) (is x!type 'lam)))
; a do form
(def make-seq (subx)
(listtab `((type seq) (subx ,subx))))
(def aseq (x)
(and (isa x 'table) (is x!type 'seq)))
(def extend (bindings env)
(+ bindings env))
(def lookup (id env)
(if (no env)
(let head (car env)
(if (is head!id id)
(lookup id (cdr env))))))
(= seq-num* 0)
(def new-var (id)
(++ seq-num*)
(make-var id (sym (string id "@" seq-num*))))
(def new-global (id)
(make-var id id))
(def aglobal (var)
(is var!id var!uid))
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