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new procedure to create new genesisblock using sacarlson git build 1daeff803d9b52723c886e5d64b3e9352787580e or later
1. get epoc time in unix with date +%s
2. use this number to edit block_nTime= value in bitcoin.config file see sample bitcoin.config in git
3. find a headline article in the news or paper to create a new string value to put in pszTimestamp in bitcoin.config example
pszTimestamp="The Times 04/Apr/2011 Tornadoes and vicious winds left 17 people dead across four states"
4. set values of testnet_config=1, gennewblock=1,testnet=1, printtoconsole=1 in bitcoin.config
5. start bitcoind -noirc -testnet -datadir=/home/youruser/.bitcoin/proto
this will take some time maybe 1 hour or so for it to find a block, when it does find one you will see some data
with an error at the end.
6. with the data seen at this point example:
sacarlson@FreeNet:~/bitcoin/bitcoin$ ./bitcoind -testnet -noirc -datadir=/home/sacarlson/.bitcoin/test2
Bitcoin version 0.3.21 beta
Default data directory /home/sacarlson/.bitcoin
Bound to port 18333
Loading addresses... strLogDir=/home/sacarlson/.bitcoin/test2/testnet/database strErrorFile=/home/sacarlson/.bitcoin/test2/testnet/db.log
Loaded 0 addresses
addresses 35ms
Loading block index...
testnet mode active
hashGenesisBlock custom configured by -genesisblock in bitcoin.conf
hashGenesisBlock is now 000000017135cc76e65e8f292020ab2fc92e969e65c145ecf6e8510e5d7a31f5
creating new genesis block I hope
pszTimestamp = "21/Apr/11 New York Times, Apple faced questions on Wednesday about the security of its iPhone and iPad after a report that the devices regularly record their locations in a hidden file."
block.nTime custom configured by -block_nTime in bitcoin.conf
block.nNonce custom configured by -block_nNonce in bitcoin.conf
block.nTime = 1303365581
block.nBits = 487063544
block.nNonce = 0
block.nTime = 1303365581
block.nNonce = 939865470
block.GetHash = 00000001fdafdb922ba14a11f79ec31809342e267e6d00a38465318a949c030a
hashGenesisBlock = 000000017135cc76e65e8f292020ab2fc92e969e65c145ecf6e8510e5d7a31f5
block.hashMerkleRoot = 5ebf81ebbeaa59b51095640215c0726bac51d262b3b51ef38c0587b85a64e6b8
bitcoind: main.cpp:2108: bool LoadBlockIndex(bool): Assertion `block.hashMerkleRoot == uint256(mapArgs["-block_hashMerkleRoot"].c_str())' failed.
with the info above we would edit the values in bitcoin.config file with:
7. now delete the testnet dir you plan to use for your new proto bitcoin and start bitcoind -noirc -testnet again
it should start to run normaly and when exit you should now have a walet file with your new proto coin genessis block
be sure to set gennewblock=0 or comment out before you continue at this point
in fact at this point you might want to start using a different -datadir also create your -datadir and copy your
config file into it then run bitcoind -noirc -testnet -datadir=/home/youruser/.bitcoin/proto
8. you can now start to mine you new coin with the command bitcoind -noirc -testnet -gen -datadir=/home/youruser/.bitcoin/proto but to do this you will also
need to have another system listening on your new coins network, make sure the port listen of each match
you should make the other system setup with the same bitcoin.config file with the same git build as the minner.
make sure at start of the other system that the /home/youruser/.bitcoin/testnet is deleted before start.
optionaly you should change the -datadir= in your client so you don't damage other coins in your dir.
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