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A list of 3rd party Escrow signers available for escrow contract signing. list includes user feedback
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Stellar Escrow Signers Public List

A list of 3rd party Escrow signers available for escrow contract signing. list includes user feedback

What is this?

This list is a list of people that are willing to perform the task of a mediator for escrow contracts for example between a customer and a web store. This list will also track the performance of each of the signers on the list so that others may better choose from thi list of available 3rd party agents. The list will also inform of what fee’s this 3rd party signer charges for this service, some may be free with others it might cost 500 XLM or more per contract.

What is expected of you?

When for example a customer has setup a Stellar net 2 of 3 signer escrow with a store and that store fails to deliver the product to the customer within the contracted number of days lets say for example 30 days. First the customer attempts to contact the store, but that fails without the store responding. After the customer provides the store 48 hours to respond and no contact is established, the customer can now go and contact to the 3rd party signer agent that was selected for this contract to act.

The 3rd party agent that is contacted by email also see’s the cc mail that the customer sent the store and notes no response to the enquiry. With that the 3rd party collects any other info needed to make a decition in this case. If he finds that the store is in fault in this case he can setup a transaction from the now locked escrow publicId account to refund all the assets in the escrow back to the customer including the XLM used to setup the account. If he see’s he needs more info from the store he can setup an extension of the escrow time window or set it for indefinite lock time by setting up a small 1 XLM or even less fund transfer with the customers added signature that will cancel the timed transaction that was already pre-signed by the customer. In any case the 3rd party and the customer or the 3rd party and the store can setup transactions to resolve the problem and move on.

What info is needed in the list?

The list is simply: Escrow Agents Email: Escrow Agents PublicID Signer Address: Escrow Agents min Fee (in XLM) can be zero: Escrow Agents percent of purchase Fee can also be zero: Positive feed back count from customers: Negitive feedback count from customers:

How do you get on this list?

We plan to have an #escrow channel on stellar slack that you can comment on and anyone that is setup with authoization to make changes to this list can add you to it.

How to find info about the Positive and Negitive feedback

We plan to setup a channel in stellar slack to allow people to feed back any positive or negitive input for a 3rd party signer and any store that the issue is with. Or we will setup a forum or other channel that can be searched to view resulting history.

How do you setup using an escrow?

The OpenCart Stellar Plugin supports setup of escrow purchases using My_Wallet web app wallet that supports the creation of escrow accounts from the Plugins links or QR-code transaction setups generated by the OpenCart Stellar Plugin.

The List

At this point I am the only 3rd Party signer but we hope to collect more over time:

Escrow Agents Email Escrow Agents Stellar PublicId Min Fee Percent total Fee Positive Negitive GDOTBRNHFMTPHUSKHJNXEINFUL6WSM2O4H5I7ZAATEDUCXE6E4TWSECE 10 0.0 0 0
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