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Stellar federation with auto forwarding of asset to email address if not already in federation database
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federation email fund forwarder

This is a replacement for the stellar federation server, it will work with the same mysql format as stellar federation if no added functionality is needed. otherwise you will need the expanded mysql db with transactions table and added fields in Users. The added feature is to respond to * if it fails to detect the user already on the federation db it will point to the receiver address of and fill in memo with the email address and ,value with startBalance amount needed.


  • Standard federation name lookup

  • Standard federation id reverse lookup of publicId (if domain on account is set)

  • If Account doesn't exist in federation database, setup transaction to forward funds and send to destination target email with simple method for receiver to use them with a simple URL link click.

  • When account doesn't exist in lookup, tx memo contains integer index to reference recorded email address in federation db. This makes User Email unexposed to stellar public ledger.

  • Can send any asset type that the anchor ( in this case) supports

  • With just 1.0001 XLM you can have anyone added to federation database and they will have a working funded account seen in there email.

  • With a manually edited memo you can also add a single trustline to the account your sending to your email buddy. Example if index resolves to "102" you can manually edit the memo to be "102,USD" to add a trustline of USD/ to the account that is emailed. For this you must also send a minimum 1.5002 XLM needed for added reserves and fee's of 2 opps.

  • With minimum 3.0004 XLM sent the wallet has the ability to auto re-key (when mode is set) so anchor no longer holds secret key to funds. To re-key with added trustline you would have to send minumum 4.0004 XLM. This is required due to the fact that for a time there will be two accounts on the network when moving the assets and merging the accounts in re-key operation on the wallet side.

  • Uses branched stellar bridge to allow monitoring of XLM transactions

  • Is now running as federation server on anchor (has now been runing for over 11 months on

  • It's a good example on how to setup and make use of a stellar bridge (modified in this case)

After payment is sent it is first detected by the bridge monitor that does a callback that adds the transaction to the federation db. The federation_processor then scans for all un-processed payments to be forwarded, creates funded accounts and emails the funds to the email addresses. The email contains a URL link to a my_wallet that provides the receiver access to the funds with just a click of the URL link.

In this release we have my_wallet also optionally re-key the account when the link is clicked and have it also update the federation with it's newly created account. In the future we will then have a time out window of maybe a week if the wallet link is not clicked that the funds will then be returned to the sender. But for now this works.

This method allows any stellar wallet that supports federation to send any asset an anchor supports to anyone that they happen to know the email address of, however it also requires trusting anchor or whoever ends up running this server to forward the funds for them. But how much trust do we really need if we are sending about $0.40 USD worth of XLM to open an account for someone. After the account is working you no longer need to trust to forward funds anymore, federation will point direct to the the users newly created re-keyed wallet account. Note re-key can be done manually if not set to auto re-key mode.

I still think dzham has a better safer method that involves a no trust multi-sig handshake method that we may all later turn to or something like it rather than this method at some point when all the wallet are upgraded to support it. We still might use this method as a fallback when nothing else is available for older wallets that only support the present standard federation.

Screen shot of email received

[[ ]]

install federation_processor

cd federation_processor npm install


node app.js

bridge install setup

see stellar bridge for detailed info on install and setup and also see provided example bridge.cfg file

on fresh ubuntu install

apt-get install npm npm install nodejs app.js or run ./ that can also be run from cron note for ./ you will have to modify the path to suit your install point note this method won't work without upgrade as you need node version 6+ this installs 4.X you will need to add: curl -sL | sudo -E bash - sudo apt-get install -y nodejs to upgrade nodejs to version 6+

install php front end

just copy the index.php, callback.php, config.php into your apache or other web server modify the config.php file to make needed changes in mysql user password settings and anchor public address you will also have to point your stellar.toml file at this point in your server


you must setup the mysql user: password: db: that is hard coded within app.js and config.php and bridge.cfg then import federation.sql file provided for this I use phpmyadmin, if upgrading to the slightly newer sql table format it's best to drop the present table and create a new one. you should also delete the test entries in the tables before you run, sorry I never did that for you.

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