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Advanced trading terminal for the Stellar network
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StellarTerm - Try it out at

StellarTerm is a web based trading client for use on the Stellar network. This client aims to make it easy and safe for users of any skill level to trade on the Stellar network by making a clear and secure user interface.


A detailed user friendly orderbook


Ability to add trust either from a curated list, manually, or via federation

Adding trust from directories

Adding trust via federation

Price history charts (coming soon)

Price history charts

Ability to make offers in an intuitive manner

Offer maker

A directory of the asset pairs traded on the Stellar network

Market directory

Manage offers for an account

Manage offers

Shows listing of balances with secure asset cards

Detailed balances

Compatible with accounts from any other client

Universal login

Under the cover features


The project is hosted on GitHub pages in the stellarterm/ repository. The client is wrapped into a single html file and it's sha 256 sum is recorded on each git commit.


StellarTerm is open source software licensed under the Apache-2.0 license.


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