A nice client explorer for Azure Cosmos DB
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Cosmos DB Explorer

A nice client explorer for Microsoft Cosmos DB. It mimics the Data Explorer available on the Azure Portal on the desktop.


  • Named connection: give meaningfull name to your connection (DEV, QA, PROD)
  • Create/Read/Update/Delete for every Cosmos DB resources
  • Execute SQL Query on a Collection
  • Import document(s) in JSON format
  • Colored JSON Editor for documents, stored procedures, user defined functions and triggers
  • Customizable Layout with docking windows


Download the lastest version from releases and unzip it. Run CosmosDbExplorer.exe.

How to Start

  1. Add your account from File>Add Account
    1. Label: The display name of your account
    2. Account Endpoint: Copy from the URI property from the Keys menu on the Azure Portal.
    3. Account Secret: Copy PRIMARY KEY or SECONDARY KEY from the Keys menu on the Azure Portal.
  2. Start navigating your connection on the treeview pane.
  3. Right click any resource to see possible actions.