Check out christopherjwhite's org-toodledo instead - he's updated it to work with v2 of the API!
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org-toodledo.el - Toodledo integration for Emacs Org mode
(c) 2010 Sacha Chua (

How to use:
1. Customize org-toodledo-userid and org-toodledo-password
2. Open a blank org file.
3. Call org-toodledo-initialize-org
Call org-toodledo-update to bring in new/updated tasks (skips locally modified tasks newer than updated)
Call org-toodledo-sync-task to create or update the current task
Call org-toodledo-delete-current-task to delete the current task

Doesn't do lots of error trapping. Might be a good idea to version-control your Org file.

See the header of org-toodledo.el for more.

Note: org-toodledo-userid is not your e-mail address, but your
developer ID from .