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%h1 Timeline events
- @timeline_events.each do |e|
= link_to,
- case e.subject_type
- when 'ClothingLog'
- if e.secondary_subject
= "wore #{link_to, e.secondary_subject} on #{link_to, e.subject}".html_safe
- when 'Record'
= "tracked #{link_to e.secondary_subject.full_name, e.secondary_subject} starting #{e.subject.timestamp}".html_safe
- when 'Clothing'
= "created a clothing item #{link_to, e.subject}".html_safe
- when 'Stuff'
= "created stuff #{link_to, e.subject}".html_safe
- when 'LocationHistory'
= "moved #{link_to, e.secondary_subject} to #{link_to, e.subject.location}".html_safe
= link_to e do
= surround '(', ')' do
%time.timeago{:datetime => e.created_at} e.created_at
= will_paginate @timeline_events, :renderer => PaginationListLinkRenderer
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