A bunch of data for your Spotify music library
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If the site gives an error, its on free Heroku, it is likely asleep.

A bunch of data for your Spotify music library
Quick description of approach:
Rest api written in express js, node, mongoose and a few miscellaneous libs
Front end written in backbone, jQuery, and templating done in handlebars ##Installation instructions Make sure you have mongodb installed.
In one terminal window run: (if on windows make sure your mongodb directory is in you path) Supports only chrome as of now.


In another window, run:

$npm install
$npm start

Currently its going to start in dev mode with nodemon, so make sure you have that installed with the command:

$npm install -g nodemon

Otherwise just modify package.json to your liking and ask me any questions about setting it up in case I forgot something.


https://trello.com/b/3UpXCtuq/felice no longer managing todo on readme, starting to get too complicated.

##Authentication Flow Since there is a need to validate all api calls in the app, my current solution to see if requests to api are authorized is:

  1. In the client side, the user goes through the Spotify Web Api authorization flow, returning a authorization code.
  2. Using this, the client side sends two things to the Felice api: the spotify access token and the local access token (if the auth token is valid)
  3. If invalid, 401 is issued
  4. Users with elevated api access (admins) are (in a nutshell) supported through a list of white listed user profiles
  5. Hopefully this does not have any major vulnerabilities. 😿

##API Documentation

Endpoint HTTP Req Auth required Result
{root}/api/artists GET Standard List of artists
{root}/api/artists/:artistId GET Standard Get artist
PUT Standard Update/Create artist
DELETE Admin Delete artist
{root}/api/users GET Standard List of users
{root}/api/artists/:userId GET Standart Get user
PUT Standard Update/Create user
DELETE Admin Delete user
{root}/api/tracks GET Standard List of tracks
{root}/api/artists/:trackId GET Standard Get track
PUT Standard Update/Create track
DELETE Admin Delete track
{root}/authenticate POST w/ authentication code Standard Returns jwt

Standard Auth: felice issued JSON web token, all requests must contain jwt in body in the property 'token' in order to be authenticated.

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