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class SMBus(object):
This object should be imported instead of smbus.
import RPi.GPIO as GPIO
import smbus
except ImportError:
from rpi_hardware.mock import GPIO
from rpi_hardware.mock import smbus
under methods allow you to attach objects based on FakeSMBusDevice, which will provide the smbus return data that
the actual hardware device would return.
def __init__(self, channel):
self.addr = channel
self.fd = None # We have no file descriptor, as no real device i2c file.
self.pec = 0
self._devices = {}
def _register_fake_device(self, device):
Hook SMBus hardware simulating devices to FakeSMBus
:param device: object inherited from FakeSMBusDevice
if device.addr in self._devices.keys():
raise ValueError('Device using addr: {} already registered.'.format(device.addr))
self._devices[device.addr] = device
def _get_device(self, smbus_addr):
Returns device object registered at given smbus address
:param smbus_addr: Address for device
:return: FakeSMBusDevice object if exists at address or None
return self._devices[smbus_addr]
except KeyError:
return None
def write_quick(self, smbus_addr):
""" Send only the read / write bit as write. """
def read_byte(self, smbus_addr):
""" Read a single byte from a device, without specifying a device register. """
return self._get_device(smbus_addr).read_byte()
def write_byte(self, smbus_addr, byte):
""" Send a single byte to a device. """
def process_call(self, smbus_addr, register, value):
""" Process Call transaction. """
self._get_device(smbus_addr).process_call(register, value)
def read_block_data(self, smbus_addr, register):
""" Read Block Data transaction. """
return self._get_device(smbus_addr).read_block_data(register)
def write_block_data(self, smbus_addr, register, value_list):
Write up to 32 bytes to a device.
This function adds an initial byte indicating the length of the vals array before the vals array.
Use write_i2c_block_data instead!
self._get_device(smbus_addr).write_block_data(register, value_list)
def block_process_call(self, smbus_addr, register, value_list):
""" Block Process Call transaction. """
self._get_device(smbus_addr).block_process_call(register, value_list)
def read_i2c_block_data(self, smbus_addr, register):
""" Block Read transaction. """
return self._get_device(smbus_addr).read_i2c_block_data(register)
def write_i2c_block_data(self, smbus_addr, register, value_list):
""" Block Write transaction. """
self._get_device(smbus_addr).write_i2c_block_data(register, value_list)
def read_byte_data(self, smbus_addr, register):
""" Read Byte Data transaction. """
return self._get_device(smbus_addr).read_byte(register)
def read_word_data(self, smbus_addr, register):
""" Read Word Data transaction. """
return self._get_device(smbus_addr).read_word(register)
def write_byte_data(self, smbus_addr, register, value):
""" Write Byte Data transaction. """
self._get_device(smbus_addr).write_byte(register, value)
def write_word_data(self, smbus_addr, register, value):
""" Write Word Data transaction. """
self._get_device(smbus_addr).write_word(register, value)
class FakeSMBusDevice(object):
Base object for FakeSMBus hardware objects.
These must be attached to mock.smbus.SMBus by calling super.__init__
Implement as many of the methods you wish to use with mock.smbus.SMBus.
def __init__(self, smbus, device_addr):
self.addr = device_addr
def write_quick(self):
raise NotImplementedError
def read_byte(self):
raise NotImplementedError
def write_byte(self, byte):
raise NotImplementedError
def process_call(self, register, value):
raise NotImplementedError
def read_block_data(self, register):
raise NotImplementedError
def write_block_data(self, register, value_list):
raise NotImplementedError
def block_process_call(self, register, value_list):
raise NotImplementedError
def read_i2c_block_data(self, register):
raise NotImplementedError
def write_i2c_block_data(self, register, value_list):
raise NotImplementedError
def read_byte_data(self, register):
raise NotImplementedError
def read_word_data(self, register):
raise NotImplementedError
def write_byte_data(self, register, value):
raise NotImplementedError
def write_word_data(self, register, value):
raise NotImplementedError