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Version 2.2.0 release

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@sachinchoolur sachinchoolur released this 20 Aug 09:18
· 298 commits to master since this release


  • Make rotate speed configurable via rotateSpeed option
  • Emit events on rotate and flip
  • Add video tracks support - #1096
  • Add an option set name for the downloaded file
  • Add an option to append captions to the outer div. By setting appendSubHtmlTo to .lg-outer, the main gallery portion and captions can be placed side by side

Bug Fixes

  • Lack of druggability in zoomed view/portion of the image not reachable (after zoom in by double click) #1067
  • Zoom transition issue #1085
  • Safari Video Controls not working #1097
  • Hide captions div when it is empty
  • Youtube videos not working... #1101 (This was happening when enableDrag is false and enableTouch is true and video poster is provided)
  • Vertical position of the prev/next controls "incorrect" - not centered #1045
  • lg-zoom with lg-video crashes when zooming a video on iPhone #1103
  • Data attribute for download URL not working as documented #1105
  • Control Zoom behavior on inlined Light Gallery #1104
  • Documentation of lgContainerResize event seems to be off #1106
  • lgShare - fix google Lighthouse warnings #1089
  • remove unnecessary overflow hidden for the thumbnail container
  • Fix zoom plugin JavaScript error when the image takes time to load
  • Re-position relativeCaption plugin on resize
  • Typescript - make properties of GalleryItem optional
  • Docs - Fix issue Union type defaults values were not displayed

Breaking Changes

  • This release changes the HTML structure a little bit -
    class .lg has been renamed to .lg-content and lg-inner and controls have been
    moved inside .lg-content. This will affect your existing setup only if you have made any customization
  • Download button for video and iframes slides is not disabled by default. You need explicitly pass data-download-url="false" if you need to disable the download button.
  • Settings width and height have been removed